Interview with David Wilcock about beneficial alien intervention

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David Wilcock is a special person in the world spiritual landscape. He is a writer and researcher in the field of the “ufo” phenomenon and aliens, of the old civilizations disappeared, but also in terms of the new paradigm of matter and energy. One of his most controversial ideas (being also a channel-er) is that one of his past reincarnations was that of Edgar Cayce – the well-known American medium, who lived at the beginning of the last century.

David Wilcock spoke for 2 hours in the show “Coast to Coast AM” on an American radio station, having as theme the divine intervention, here on Earth, of the beneficial aliens, and the golden future of mankind.
Wilcock recalls that the Cold War between the U.S. and the USSR ended when politicians found that none of the nuclear warheads of the two world superpowers were functional anymore, as they were inactivated and annihilated, one by one, by UFOs over the years.

For example, even the nuclear missiles that were already launched were neutralized with certain mysterious rays that were emitted by UFOs that appeared immediately next to them, and then these bombs fell inert to the ground, like ordinary pieces of metal, without any trace of radioactivity!

He also says that the Apollo 13 mission was similarly “damaged” because, in fact, it had a nuclear charge that was destined to reach the moon, and the aliens did not want the Moon to be polluted with radioactivity. David states that these days, on the ever-hidden side of the Moon, there is a non-stop (alien) activity, just like in a large international airport… where hundreds of spaceships are parked, or come and go on a continuous basis.

David speaks in this interview about the intervention of the beneficial aliens that continues to this day, as they counteract any effort by the Hidden Powers to start a third world war. This interference, this welcome help, is part of an organized movement through which a new and true Golden Age will be established on Earth.

He points out, however, that these aliens always act according to a first galactic directive, namely that of not interfering in the internal affairs of the planet until it is absolutely necessary (that is, when, for example, the nuclear danger is imminent).

According to Wilcock, these benevolent alien ships act by countering the efforts of an evil group on Earth numic Kabbalah (Illuminati, etc.) that planned the establishment of a New World Order.

There is already obvious scientific evidence showing that 13,000 years ago there were numerous atomic explosions in the area of the great lakes of America, which caused the earth’s crust to collapse from that area, leading to the destabilization of the planet and the sinking of Atlantis (which was an alien colony).

Wicock says that he had signed a contract with a US television network through which he would make a documentary on the subject of “Atlantis – an alien colony”, but this contract was cancelled at the last minute due to the fact that the banks that were going to lend the money needed to finance the film, did not agree that such an idea should be popularized!

In light of this new information, it becomes clear that this 26,000-year solar cycle can no longer be held responsible for disasters on Earth. Let us remember that in the famous Hindu work Mahabharata, it speaks of “that fire” brighter than 1,000 times than the Sun, and of flying machines!

So the disaster of that time had no natural causes at all, as we are today forced to think!

As an aside, Wilcock states that the aliens who were on Atlantis had a larger skull than humans (remnants of such huge, more elongated skulls are found in many places around the globe, but are labeled as “genetic errors”).

Atlantis was a large island surrounded by waters (as Plato wrote), and independent researchers nowadays identified it as actually Antarctica, which at that time was not at the South Pole, and benefited from a temperate climate. Another civilization was on the territory of present-day Siberia, which in the same way had a different climate, more conducive to life.

The conflict of that time was triggered by those in Atlantis, who were somewhat more aggressive, throwing into the “game” their most destructive weapons. Thus, the triggered tectonic movements generated floods of huge proportions throughout the globe, Atlantis migrated to the South Pole where the water froze forming the Antarctic ice cap, and Siberia froze similarly, very quickly (let’s remember that in Siberia was recently discovered a frozen mammoth that had frozen herbs in its mouth – basically it was determined that in the course of only 3 minutes the temperature dropped by 30 degrees).

Once they discovered this terrible secret, those in the murderous Kabbalah began to make their plan to repeat the same scenario themselves, but protecting themselves in underground bases and submarines that they began to build helped by their “friends”, the “little gray” aliens and reptilians. So that’s why there are so many underground bases around the world.

But with the destruction of the first underground bases by the beneficial aliens, these criminals (the Illuminati) saw that their infallible shelters, which were designed to withstand any plague that would have been triggered on the surface of the Earth, could no longer be used, so their plan underwent certain changes.

Wilcock argues that these macabre manipulators of events on this planet are currently looking for ways to bring about a general chaos on the American continent followed by extreme violence, in order to obtain the “justification” for the establishment of the New World Order, which is actually a disguised fascism.

All these revelations make the collective dream orchestrated from the shadows with great skill by the murderous Kabbalah to continuously “fall asleep” the vast majority of people on Earth, who in their simplicity believe that the world in which we live is a good world!

Wilcock describes this situation as the “herd effect”: although it is known that the wolf gives sheep herds, none of them wants to look at the wolf, no one wants to admit that this “wolf” is prepared to attack the herd of “sheep”. This behavior is very well rooted in the “herd” mentality of people today, due to the numerous “brainwashing” programs to which we are subjected every day, and which are implemented through the media, through school education, and in general through the paradigm to which we are forced to adhere since we were children.
This is why most of those who learn of these awful things choose (without realizing this choice) to reject all this, saying that it cannot be true. It is actually a dissociative response (from a psychological point of view), an automatic behavior that has been “implanted” for a very long time in their consciousness, and which they no longer even realize: basically, they react like living robots.
One of the symptoms of this psychological “implant” is that as soon as they hear such truths, they suddenly become very tired, effectively. They truly lose a great deal of energy when they (unconsciously) try to assimilate this kind of information, and the result of their failure is that they attack the messenger. This is all a “programmed” reaction in their psyche. They will try to find a reason to ridicule this information along with their messenger.
The proof that this behavior is an implanted one, is the fact that as soon as the subject ceases to think about the disturbing information, everything suddenly returns, as if by magic, to normal: the man is again full of energy!
When we learn new things, we each have a natural tendency to “incorporate” them, to “embrace” them in the sphere of our consciousness. Normally, through a deep detachment, anyone can do that. But if, due to subconscious psychic programming, man encounters a barrier in the form of a psychic reaction of rejection, then the effort to “embrace” the information is doomed to failure: the more he tries, the more tired he becomes, losing mental energy. The “repair” in this case can only be a conscious acceptance, by detachment, of the “troublesome” information.

The reason most people don’t accept such truths is because they don’t realize at all who they really are. Thus, they still allow themselves to be “thought” of the collective dream in which they participate, not having a solid foundation on which they live their lives.

With the discovery that each of us is actually a divine spark, a small part of God, causes all this scaffolding of manipulation to which we have been subjected since our birth in this world to be demolished.

Nor can people think of a solution to counter the planned murderous genocidal actions that Kabbalah is now implementing. They are mentally programmed not to be able to think in this way, just like in the case of hypnosis. But here it is a deft hypnosis staged through the propaganda media, subservient to the criminal Kabbalah.

Of course, we cannot expect from the big media concerns and from the big film producers to change their way of educating ourselves: it would be too good to see positive films, which teach us how to educate ourselves, how to react constructively (and not destructively), how to be truly happy…

One of the main purposes of the Kabbalah, which I have been pursuing for several hundred years, is to establish the Luciferian religion throughout the Earth. Many of the members of the Illuminati and of Freemasonry sincerely believe that Lucifer is the good one, and Christianity is but an enslavement of man. After all, everyone is free to believe what they want, even the fact that luna is made of sweet cheese!

The reality is that the vast majority of the members of Freemasonry have no idea who they worship, they have no idea who this Lucifer really is. They are actually fooled and deftly manipulated by their leaders who prefer to remain hidden from the public.

The leaders of this criminal group interact directly and openly with many species of aliens. They know that all their efforts to start a new world war are being sabotaged with persrence and efficiency by certain beneficial aliens who are also human, who are very much like us, and who are – in fact – our distant relatives.
The rulers of the Kabbalah have long known that the human species on Earth is the result of the involvement of various extraterrestrial civilizations at the level of human genetics. Basically, the human species on Earth has been the target of numerous genetic interventions, over time, carried out by various extraterrestrial civilizations, since 200,000 years ago.
Moreover, these evil rulers have for a long time certain special energy portals (“stargates”) that allow them to leave the Earth at any time, teleporting instantly to other places in the Universe. For this reason, and because they have been interacting with various alien species for a very long time, they no longer even feel that the Earth is their home, and they are ready to leave here at any time, without regrets.
He says this conflict between beneficial aliens and murderous Kabbalah will continually grow as our planet transitions to a new golden age, as announced in various prophecies around the globe. However, David says that these prophecies were intelligently expressed in words that would fool the wicked and lead them to believe that this betrayal would be a violent, disastrous one, in order to keep them in a state of fear, thus distracting them from what is really going on.

Based on his research, Wilcock explained that this transition into the new golden age is not only an instantaneous, overnight change, but requires spiritual evolution. Through this spiritual ascent, the human race will have access to a higher understanding of its role in this universe viewed as a whole.

Wilcock expressed optimism that this spiritual evolution of the human race, together with the help of beneficial aliens, would create the conditions for the Luciferic group of the murderous Kabbalah to be defeated.

These necessary spiritual transformations are now in full swing. Every human on the planet has at his disposal everything necessary to prepare himself properly. Everyone will make the transition only when they are fully prepared.

Of course, this development is not mandatory. Each of us has a say in this. If we like it the way we are now, if we like it in the (deplorable) state in which we are now, if we are not willing to change, if we are too lazy to make the necessary efforts, then nothing will change and our choice will be respected. We will remain the same.

But if we find the necessary inner resources, if we want to have a better, more fulfilled life, if we want abundance and happiness, then it is necessary to evolve spiritually. And as a result, our lives will change radically, to the extent that are now unimaginable.

The benefits of this spiritual evolution are enormous: we will be able to travel to the galaxy, to visit our relatives from other planets, we will be able to communicate telepathically, to manifest various objects through the power of the will… basically it will be “a new heaven and a new earth” for us!

Wilcock mentions the name of a researcher, Harold Aspden, who managed to prove through certain mathematical equations (starting from Maxwell’s equations in quantum physics), that the “trace” left by the higher dimensional spaces must be in the frequency range of microwaves. He thus found certain specific numbers that should constitute the “traces” in our physical world of these higher Universes.

According to this researcher, the higher dimensions do exist, and they “emit” certain frequencies that we in this physical world can measure and detect with the technology we have, and we as humans can actually live in these higher dimensions!

He was then astounded by the discoveries of another researcher, astrophysicist, William Tifft, who managed to detect through direct, concrete measurements, in outer space, exactly these vibration frequencies in the microwave field!

But the most interesting thing is that these specific frequencies originate at the center of the galaxy, and they fold in the form of concentric layers, like onion sheets, the core having the highest frequency, and the periphery – the lowest frequency (let’s remember that our solar system is somewhere on the outskirts of the Milky Way).

These frequencies are a kind of “signature” specific to that space in the Universe. Interestingly, every star in the galaxy has such a signature, which is therefore a certain frequency well determined mathematically. This “signature” cannot have any value, but only that specific value that denotes what kind of dimensional space that “feeds” that star.

William Tifft found that these specific frequency “zones” are not fixed, but they are gradually expanding towards the edges of the galaxy.

Let us also remember that other independent researchers have found in the samples, photographs and measurements provided by NASA that all the other planets in our solar system suffer from the same type of increase in the general temperature, the same type of intensification of activity on the surface of the planets, as the Earth.

So, here’s how, based on some of the technology measurements we have today, it is demonstrated that the process of evolution towards a higher dimension of our solar system is real and detectable!

David also states that these profound changes that people expect must begin from themselves: each man must consciously and responsibly assume his own spiritual evolution, because this transition to a higher dimension is not made without personal effort. It is about an evolution to a higher degree of “human”, namely those characteristics that uniquely define “to be human”, throughout this Universe full of an astounding variety of life forms.


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