Man sanctifies the place

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Man sanctifies the place… and the place rarely sanctifies – somehow – man

Many people hope, sometimes all their lives, that if they had better conditions, a house in a quieter area or a less demanding job, they would have a more harmonious life and would really get closer to spirituality.
Some retreat to caves, others build houses in the countryside, possibly in an enchanting area with wonderful landscapes and fresh air.
These in the hope that in this way their lives could take a harmonious or even spiritual turn and they will finally achieve what they have not achieved for a long time due to stress and disharmonious people.
And, seeing that they are not coping, they run away from trials.
Well, there is a maxim that says that
“what is not strong enough to destroy you, makes you stronger”.
Finally, things are, of course, excellent, when we manage to cope.

What happens when we feel that we will not face the challenges?

We aim to make even greater efforts to overcome ourselves and to have greater power and deeper wisdom.

And we ask for God’s help, telling him sincerely

that it is difficult for us and we need some support, we do not want anything other than to evolve spiritually and to be his best children.
If our approach is clean and sincere, it is impossible not to receive adequate help in the direction of spiritual growth.
That is, we are doing our best to deal with the situation.
If we retire “to the countryside” or “to the cave” things seem to calm down, but…
In fact, “we are no longer competing for the first league” but for a lower one.
I mean, in fact, we turn our backs on the exam and ask for a smaller one.
And what will happen next?
The tranquility of the space around us will be pleasant, but after a while the keenness, alertness and spiritual force that we had learned to manifest or were asked to manifest will decrease significantly and we will “adapt” to the slower rhythm of the new situation.

Wonderful landscapes and harmonious ambience can help, but do not forget that
“man sanctifies the place,”
and “the place seldom sanctifies—somehow—man.”
That is, it is good to aim to have around us an ambience as harmonious as possible.
But it must be clear to us that if we do not have or do not gain the ability to have harmony in us, the outer one hardly infiltrates us.
Or we may, even, not see it at all (in the absence of an adequate inner state).
The best method of action results from the maxim

Rather than placing a fluffy carpet all over the earth, it is much simpler and wiser to put your shoes on your feet

And that’s what it teaches us, by its specific methods.
The Path of the Heart Abheda Yoga – Spirituality in the midst of life.

This Path is also a quasialchemical path because it transmutes and sublimates the trials of life into spiritual realizations.

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