Abheda Meditation of the Spiritual Rose

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Acharya Leonard
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ABHEDA este o revoluție etică, morală și de suflet care poate schimba cu adevărat lumea... dacă începem întâi cu noi.” - Acharya Leonard

The rose is a wonderful flower that has many fascinating petals that open like a flower's heart and then allow the manifestation of a bright and apotheotic beauty.

It symbolizes in many traditions the spiritual awakening.

Rose Meditation aims to

- the awakening of the soul,

- wisdom,

- amplification of the power to love deeply

- and be ourselves.


It is done in a meditation position or on the chair, with the relatively straight torso.

Hands are positioned on the thighs or knees with the palms face down.

We close our eyes and internalize ourselves by seeking mental focus.

We begin the concentration, Dharana, in the middle of the chest with attention to breathing,

imagining how every exhale the air flow would come out through the chest, in the middle,

energizing and opening up completely and very intensely

a mysterious symbolic rose

rising from our spiritual heart, even from our deep essence

and that becomes so great that it encapsulates, in our mentalization the entire Universe.

Acharya Leonard

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Acharya Leonard
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