Meditation with colored light

This book deals with the secret way we can achieve efficiency

in the colorful light meditation of Abheda,

the effects of various colors on human bodies

and possible therapies.

It is a practical guide for a little-known meditative technique, some aspects being original and published for the first time.

The colored light meditation of Abheda is an instrument.
The purpose for which we use this tool is spiritual awakening – the wisdom and improvement of the limited powers of the human being.
That is, we can gain other new psychic powers or human qualities and/or we can amplify the existing ones.
We can heal ourselves and achieve better health or, even, thriving and functional.
All this only through a natural, natural mentalization, because we see the world in color all our lives. We just have to know “for what” and “how” it is done.
In fact, meditation with colored light can also be practiced by blind people who know, however, what the colors are like.
This manual is intended for people who want to do good and the original working method is a know-how that offers great efficiency.
This way the results can be obtained much easier.
The working method can be applied even after we leave the body through the so-called death, so if we learn it well from the time of life, after that it will be much easier for us.



Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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