Spiritual heroism – is it possible?

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Spiritual heroism – is it possible?

It is, however, easy.

But it seems difficult.

This is only and only because through heroism

we end up surpassing ourselves,

that is, to move our suspected limits

or known


Other times we are within the known limits,

But what “moves” is the attitude

– I give up comfort

for something spiritually important

or from the point of view of humanity and compassion.

Spiritual heroism – is it possible?
What NOT to do

You do NOT have to refuse

an obvious challenge in a certain direction.

Don’t let it be obvious that you have to do something or be somehow

And you don’t want to or don’t do

– because you prepare, you hesitate

– or you really don’t want to

– because you don’t feel like it, you want to protect yourself

– or you think it’s not worth the effort

– because you don’t care much

– or because you accept your little souls.


Simple, right!?

It doesn’t seem simple, but the limits are illusory.

Then we realize, AFTER we have succeeded,

that we were too afraid of the test initially.

But that’s going to happen


if we don’t back down and succeed in the face of the challenge.


Acharya Leo Radutz


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