Anaharin – traditional, authentic process for revitalization, improvement of health, purification of the body and mind

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ANAHARIN or black water-only fasting is a commonly used process in Abheda Yoga, studied at our school in lessons about Ayusya – long life techniques.
The main bias related to this process is the illusion that man “works” due to the chemical energy that comes from oxidative phenomena of substances derived from food that take place in the body.

I mean, food is supposed to be some kind of “fuel” for our bodies.

If you have more food, then you have more energy and vice versa. This is a false assertion. Almost every man has found that there are many situations when he ate a lot, but he had no energy, but also situations where he ate little or no and was very energetic.

Inside each of us there is a doctor, we just need to help him carry out his work. The natural power of each being to heal itself is the greatest capacity for recovery possible. What we eat should be medicine. Our medicine should be our own food.

But eating when we’re sick means feeding our disease.


Instead of using cures (medicines) you’d better fast for a day.


The body has a wise system of recovery, purification and recovery

An animal, when it is sick, its natural instinct tells it to refuse food. After the acute condition of the disease is overcome and the internal activity of self-healing comes to an end, the appetite naturally returns by itself.
And the human body has this instinct to go into the state of denial of supply just like the animal. Observing the return of appetite as a result of coming out of the disease, the man most often does the wrong thing, forcing food consumption into the idea that eating somehow means additional regenerative energy, or, inexplicably, eliminating that condition.

The main scientific advantage of using black fasting only with water is the fact that most of the immune system’s defense capabilities are massaged in the digestive tract.
There the fight is fierce, because on the other side there is food in the process of digestion, with all kinds of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and parasites, and on the other side is our blood that takes the nutrients and prana from this heterogeneous mixture.

That’s why up to 80% of the immune defense capacity is here in the digestive tract. This means that during black fasting only with water, the strength of the immune system suddenly increases very much because there is no food in the digestive tract. The defense capabilities of the being are used for other threats, such as the various diseases we might have.

Fasting is as old as human existence is

Historical sources show that people have fasted over time motivated by various aspects.
The ancients believed in this practicing fasting with a purifying and healing effect, and writings such as those of Hippocrates, Plato, Aristotle, Galen, and Avicenna support it.
It is said that Pythagoras did not admit to receiving as his disciples those who did not first go through a stage of personal self-purification through fasting.
For all types of fever as well as in the acute stages of Hippocratic diseases, it prescribed either a strict fast with water and teas specific to the condition or an extremely mild diet consisting exclusively of liquids.

Benefits of the ANAHARIN process


  • at the root of most health problems is self-intoxication, and this is also why fasting has such wide therapeutic efficiency;
  • gives the digestive organs a necessary break
  • and the rest of the body an extra energy (from reserves) that it will invest in self-healing achievable through detoxification;
  • it is technically easy to keep, does not require special information or a schedule or food schedule;
  • heals or helps in the cure of any disease;
  • reduce the excessive fat layer without the need for that strong will necessary for long-term restrictive diets;
    improves fat metabolism;
  • energy levels are increasing;
  • the skin becomes silky, soft and sensitive;
  • helps to improve less pleasant phenomena related to the menstrual cycle, to reduce the amount of bleeding and associated suffering;
  • phenomena of rejuvenation and prolongation of life.


  • Fasting offers the opportunity to transcend many types of karma, addictions and attachments related to food but not only.
  • With the increase in mental clarity one obtains precious deepening in self-awareness.
  • Temporarily freed from the need to satisfy physical hunger, the person turns his attention to spiritual nourishment and emotional balance.
  • “burning” a significant amount of karma
  • elevation of the vibration frequency of the inner state;
  • easy orientation towards what is spiritual, harmonious, universally valid;
  • amplification of the will that can then be oriented in any other direction and increase our captomation to achieve yogic tapas;
  • subtle protection and auric purification, although the auric intensity may temporarily decrease during the process;
  • transcending many types of food-related addictions and attachments but not only;
  • improves mental clarity;

How is it done and how long does ANAHARIN – the water station last?

During the period we establish, we do not consume food, but only water (in some cases, and some herbal infusions).
It is good to keep as much as possible in seven-day periods: 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49. These special durations will be achieved as appropriate, and under medical and yoga teacher monitoring.

Importance of water consumption


Never, both in terms of health and spiritually, is black fasting without water.
Black station without water is deeply harmful to health and is a gesture denoting ignorance or even stupidity (which we know are, in general and objective terms, the cause of suffering).

During fasting with water, the phenomena of purification and detoxification are accelerated, as well as those of “burning” of karma (especially negative karma). The tongue can become charged, the kidneys are overworked due to discharges of toxins, while most of the body experiences a phenomenon of stress relief and relaxation. If we do not drink water, the burden of the kidneys and liver is very much hampered, when otherwise it would have been very easy for us to help them by making a gesture that is, however, simple: to drink water.

It is good to consume a certain amount of water regardless of thirst, effort, temperature outside, etc. because it intensifies exchanges at the cellular level and helps to remove toxins from the body faster. Recommended quantities vary according to several factors, supporting the consumption of a minimum amount of 1.5 l per day. On the other hand, we cannot fail to notice that, in this case, although fasting is also held for the restoration and rest of internal organs, the kidneys will still have intensive work.
There are few who have noticed, on the other hand, that they are re-redoing their weakened forces and combating the unpleasant symptoms of fasting with the help of water consumption when these problems arise.

Station black is prohibited for:

persons under the age of 18; but if a doctor or the wise parents of a child or adolescent decide that he or she should practice ANAHARIN, he must take into account the necessary medical and legal prudence;
pregnant women,
women in the period of praise and breastfeeding;
those suffering from eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, etc.);
people with severe anaemia;
those suffering from insulin-dependent type I diabetes;
anyone who has suffered a heart attack;
people suffering from the disease called Porphyria (a metabolic genetic defect);
those suffering from that rare genetic deficiency that prevents proper ketosis;
– persons suffering from mental disorders because they may not be able to go through the detoxification stage of the black fast without proper medical supervision.


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