What do we do when we don’t know what to do?

What do we do when we don’t know what to do?


If we reflect a little,

our life is a string of decisions.

After which we live the stages between decisions, but the journey is generated by decisions.

We always have decisions to make.

We wake up, we decide to get up out of bed.
We decide to make tapas or not; we decide to eat; we decide to carry out the morning kriyas, or the hygienic stages of the morning.
We decide to go to work, or we decide to read, to write.

We decide to give up something, or not to give up something.

We decide to go to a party or go to the mountain, to the sea; we decide not to go.

We decide to take it to the left, or to the right.

We decide to accelerate or brake. And so on…

We decide to think. We decide to follow a thought or not to follow it.
We decide not to think and live the thoughtless state or the mental, ecstatic void.

They are all decisions and in these decision stages, we have to choose between something and something else.

What are the most important values that in this way help us decide the easiest?
What to put first?

Of course we must put what is spiritual first.

NOT everyone thinks about it, but we know that it is good that way, because “if you put what is spiritual first, everything else will be offered to you on top of that. And that’s all love, but it’s love of spirituality, of essence, of meaning, of God.
Regarding the relationship with people (because much of our life is a relationship with people) – let’s choose love.

Before other things let’s choose love.

Before other reckonings – money, advantages, fame, convenience, always from this point of view,

after spirituality, it is good to choose love.

Love is alive, it’s rare, it’s a grace.

You can’t find it when you want it, you find it when it wants it, but you can decide to aim to keep it;
or try to aim to keep it. But you can also decide to do everything you can to keep it.

Love is a heavy, precious currency, very difficult to compare or incomparable with anything other than spirituality, which is more precious than love;
In fact, spirituality is all love; it is love of infinity, of unlimited, it is love of freedom, love of life, love of happiness, love of God.

I have seen people who hesitate, who strive to put something else first; some even say it verbatim: “choose the money; I love that he’s rich and I’m comfortable with that. And the rest of it’s a little bit of a bummer..”
Not even “good“, not even “very good” compares to love.

We meet love under the extraordinary, astounding description: “Lord, how wonderful!”

It is something nonlinear, it makes us tangent with the infinite, it does not compare to “very well” far from it.

Some people, hearing this plea, might say:

Well, from where? What should I do? I don’t have love in my life… Where do I get it?
If they or they don’t want to, or if life hasn’t built me into this existence with special gifts to be appreciated… that’s it. I’m not loved!”

This is not as important as people think.
It’s much more important to love us, if we can!
If we can’t, nothing else is possible anyway, even if you loved a billion people, there would still be no real advantage!
What to do with the love of a billion people if you do not love?

If you love, even if only one being loves you, it is super doer.

And if there is no love of that one being but you love it, the main reward of love is love itself!
That is, it is worth choosing love, always!
Always, when we get to this block of decision where one option is love, we choose love!
It’s not a bagatelle, it’s a super practical, concrete and precious truth.
And let’s not forget!

If love “up close” is not possible, then we practice “love from afar.”

In fact, love from afar is a particular case of love for one’s neighbor.

Many say, “Yes, look, I try a lot of love up close and fail to love.”

But when asked “if from afar they loved“, they answer: “Oh, no! Not! Up close I tried myself!”
If they try from afar, it might be much easier… Why?

Because by far, we can choose to love anyone.

Or we can allow in our soul to develop and expand love for anyone.

We can choose the most precious and special beings.
It’s true that we may find that, even in this situation, it’s hard for us to love;
even when we have no stopping in relating to the most special, the closest to perfection for us beings.
And yet, we may find that even so we cannot love.

That means we have a problem… that we have little, or very low power to love.

Even though some will be able to say: “Well, leave! I have other powers, money or other value!” – well, it does not work:

love is a sine-qua-non condition, that is, “without which it is not possible”.

I mean – no matter how much brilliance we have, inner or outer powers, fame, money or so on – if we don’t have love, nothing we have.

If we have little power to love, we must aim to increase our power to love, because it does not work otherwise.

In my opinion, there is no need to be under any illusion; it doesn’t go with anything other than love.


Leo Radutz

founder of Abheda Yoga Academy

and the initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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