Is there destiny?

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Our firm and very clear view is that there is no destiny.

We really believe that even the use of this idea in play is not beneficial.
Why is that?

Because people tend very easily to embrace this idea.
That is, they do not refrain at all from submitting to this mundane tendency to consider that, what does not work in their lives,

that what they could not change in their lives or was strong towards them,

it was something imposed and that it did not depend on them, it is something immutable of the Universe.

They believe that it is a kind of immutable divine will that forces them anyway and anytime to go on certain roads

or that evil beings oppose them and want their evil.
They believe that because of this, the "good" ones are forced to live miserable moments or even a miserable life.

There is no destiny,

as they would like to their own disadvantage to believe people in the usual way.

Are there any events that seem to be imposed and that we have to go through?
Yes, there is, but not because there is a destiny.

but because we created them, through our previous actions.

For example, if you throw yourself off the block, on the 100th floor, while you fall, you might consider: "look what thing, there is a destiny, a fate!

I have nothing to do, now I'm about to hit myself and die. "
But in fact, you hit yourself and you die because you threw yourself upstairs.

That was your active part, the one you threw yourself into from upstairs.
After that, the consequences of your action, sometimes with all the efforts you make there moving in the air, can not be removed.

Other times they can be removed by a firm and persistent or courageous action.
You hit yourself not because there would be an adverse fate or a ruthless destiny that would force you to go through a certain obligatory route,

It's because you have generated either in a flash or by accumulating various actions, an event.


Therefore, what is pleasant or what is unpleasant in our existence, is not the creation of an omnipotent divine force, is our creation.

On the contrary, the free will that we can use is of divine origin.
He comes from our very divine nature.

In that direction, someone might say, "well, they're just other words, I mean -- yes, they're just my actions from the past, from this life, or from another life -- and you just gave another name to what I call destiny."

Yes, but this is how we understand that we created those events (so they are not an imposed fate)

and we also have several possibilities to act:

1. With determination, let us always responsibly take actions that will have beneficial effects.

2. Let us actively carry out actions by which, in the end, it is possible to avoid undesirable effects that, perhaps, are even about to become effective by the following means:

- either through an action with exceptional spiritual efficiency that allows the so-called burning of karma - and to do it at a speed high enough to eliminate it

- either through the so-called phenomenon of grace, through which a man can effectively benefit from an experience of an event created by himself, which ignorant people call "fate" or as if he belonged to a destiny.

So such an event can be canceled not effectively by one's own personal forces oriented by free will in the direction of eliminating that event, but on the one hand because of the force, but mostly due to the so-called phenomenon of Grace.

The Universal Order helps the man who has learned the lesson, who is determined, and all the while, if he were put in those situations, he would no longer do those deeds - so it helps this man to become more free.

The spiritual awakening and the efforts that man would make to come into contact in reality with his authentic Self, is the most important effort that man can make to be free from the consequences of his past actions.


In the case of reactions that come from the past that can no longer be avoided

surely we can still change something that is in our power always and that is important:

our reaction to those events.

Life does not consist of events but of our reaction to events.

In fact, in yoga sometimes, the state of supreme spiritual realization or supreme evolution of man at the level of consciousness, is even called "liberation"..

That is, man is not freed from destiny or fate (they do not exist),

but is freed from the consequences of his previous actions.


  • through the most effective deeds in this direction, which are the facts that generate the spiritual awakening
  • with methods that are described by the science of consciousness, the highest and most important and in fact the only one of the sciences that ultimately matters: YOGA and perhaps in particular, ABHEDA.

So the inner attitude of a wise man should:

to reject the natural childish, naïve tendency to accept that there is a mandatory, mechanical path that he must necessarily follow

to relate wisely to the fact that if something unpleasant happens to him, it is because of his previous actions

to act, using free will to remove or transform these bitter fruits of previous actions into sweet fruits
(for this he must also awaken spiritually as much as possible, because otherwise we are not free in our arbiter)

on this occasion, to learn the proper lesson truly (to assimilate it, not just to say it in words);
in this way he will most likely be able to benefit from more or less Grace;
so that what his deeds were and their consequences that he had to bear, will no longer occur

Those who still insist that there is a destiny, we tell them:

why so much stubbornness?
Instead of having a wise perspective, what should they stubbornly be for?
That their life is a mechanical journey like a robot or a camshaft, or like riding a train on the tracks.
Reason? What does this naïve thing help them with?

In general, he helps to satisfy himself that what is bitter, undesirable or painful is imposed and that he has nothing to do and possibly complains of pity.

This is a very bad perspective but especially unrealistic;
life is not given to us to be dead, as mechanisms

Life is given to us to be alive!

P.S. There is another reason to give up the idea of destiny and to have a constructive and wise attitude.

Demoniac beings or demoniac human beings always say "I do what I want" "I take my fate into my own hands", "there is no right and wrong, there are only deeds".

For them, it does not matter the good or the bad, but they are active to fulfill their aspirations, no matter what they are, without considering anything in their life mandatory to live.

In this way they do many bad deeds but due to the proactive attitude they manage to change many things in their favor and to have efficiency.

The trust of some of the good ones in a fixed fate makes the evil, more active and uninhibited to have greater efficiency and it is a pity to be so, because otherwise

- Good is incomparably stronger than evil.


Leo Radutz,

founder of the Abheda system,

the initiator of the Good OM Revolution


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