Matangi - The great divine power of communication and art

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Matangi is the ninth divine power, which grants us its grace and blessings from its profound state of divine ecstasy that it continually experiences.

It instills us to live life in a divine way

It is often represented with dark green color, like that of the emerald.

Matangi is the energy of the spoken word and any kind of external maifestation of inner knowledge, through the various forms of art, music and dance.

Etymologically, "mata" means "a thought" or "an opinion."

So Matangi governs the process of expressing thought through word.

On a subtle level, we find it at the level of Vishudda chakra, which has to do with the act of speech.

It is also related to an area at the tip of the tongue, responsible for articulated speech and the perception of essential tastes. This area is connected by a subtle channel with Ajna chakra, called Savrati. This nadi has to do with the energetic manifestation of the Great Divine Power, namely, with the manifestation of divine ispiration from the level of the mind through the act of speech.

Matangi is considered to be the subtle energy that circulates through this subtle channel and helps us to verbally express divine truths and be divinely inspired in the art of metaphysical poetry.

It helps us create masterpieces.

Having to do with the act of speech, it is connected with the ear and the ability to listen, with the process of understanding and learning.

Reporting to the Great Divine Power Matangi helps us to know the meaning of symbols and archetypes, to develop our artistic talent and to realize exceptional artistic works.

It is correlated with the Divine Logos, with the wisdom and understanding of divine laws

which helps his worshipper to live a life with a deep meaning and helps him to fulfill his dharma. Brings coherence and synchronocitated due to the aspirant's placement in a wise, correct direction, integrated into the divine order.

It gives us the power of learning and eloquence in debates and discussions.

Matangi governs the thought process, by which we express our ideas through speech.

He supports those who spread true knowledge.

It is the teaching transmitted by the master through the spoken word.

Matangi is manifested by teaching the master to disciples and preserving the tradition of various spiritual paths.

Therefore, The adoration of Matangi can be considered, in fact, the adoration of the master and the horse.

He supports us in our quest to do good

"Mata" also means "wild", "passionate", i.e. the sharp and pasonal, the active one.

It helps us discover what lies beyond words, truth beyond appearances.

It reveals the highest knowledge

Matangi can support us in achieving transcendence, identification with the Supreme Atman Self through knowledge, helping us to make the leap from ignorance to Truth.

It can reveal the Truth directly to us, it allows us to have access to true knowledge and perfection.

It governs all forms of knowledge.

II supports teachers or teachers, manifesting themselves even through the wise words of the master.

It supports those who have as dharma the transmission of knowledge: teachers, orators, mediators, actors, poets, dancers, film or theatre directors, etc. Those who convey beautiful, moral, noble, up-to-earth things that can bring man closer to God.

Represents the subtle unmanifested sound

Thoughts are vibrations that we transmit and have a certain effect. In this sense, mantras spoken aloud or in mind are effective tools for our transformation.

One way of worshipping the Great Divine Matangi Putri, of referring to it is by studying sacred texts and reflecting on their profound meaning, but also by listening to the master's wise words and understanding their profound meaning.

Helps us know the Supreme Truth through art

Through music we can relate very easily to it. Music, art in general, is a special language, parallel to reason, being closer to the language of emotions and intuition

Matangi is passionate, very active, fully happy in the divine game of manifestation, is alive and effervescent, constantly manifesting ecstatic happiness-divine ecstasy or bliss (Ananda, nondual happiness).

It reveals the impressive beauty of creation, it itself being a dazzling manifestation of Creation, very attractive.

By referring to it we can develop in us these exceptional attributes and trajectories that characterize it.

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