Bhujangasana - "the posture of the cobra" for the power to love

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Bhujangasana - "the posture of the cobra" for the power to love

Presentation - Bhujangasana

quickly removes excesses in actions, harmonizes relationships with others - especially with people of the opposite sex and enables us to find perfectly inspired solutions in the event of any conflicts in which we can be engaged.
It was found that the posture of the cobra quickly combats the feelings of insecurity and inferiority, creating on the contrary a just dignified, tonic, confident, affective spiritual attitude.

Indications, effects and benefits of this process

It amplifies the power to love and receive love.
It energizes the thymus (the endocrine gland located in the middle of the chest and which involutes in most adults).
Bhujangasana relieves back pain, lumbago seizures (painful condition of the lumbar area), myalgia (muscle pain in the spinal area). His practice returns the disks to their normal position. As is well known, the flexibility of the spine is essential for full health, vitality and youth.
However, in all these situations, caution and a great deal of attention are needed in practice.

Execution technique

Bhujangasana – Abheda Yoga

Starting position: stretched to the ground, face down. The legs are stretched and slightly apart, with the soles facing upwards. Place the hands so that the palms are almost under the shoulders, symmetrically, glued to the ground, face down, and the elbows are glued to the trunk. The chin is supported on the ground at startup.
Then, helping with the strength of the arms, we gradually raise the torso and arch it backwards, raising the head.

In the final phase, the arms are outstretched, and the head is left as much as possible on the back. The legs, buttocks and back are relaxed, all tension being engaged in the arms.
The mouth remains closed.

We will ensure that the portion of the body located between the navel and the toes remains as close as possible to the ground . Acting in this way, the maximum curvature of the column will be located towards its upper half, which is necessary in this posture.

Concentration and awareness during execution

According to the course initiation

Concentration and awareness immediately after execution

According to the course initiation

Possible mistakes and remedies

We must take care that the chest is removed as much as possible, avoiding the current mistake of letting the neck sink between the shoulders. On the contrary, it is good to raise the head as much as possible, thus making the arching of the spine maximal.

Entering this posture as the exit will be executed smoothly, without violently violently the spine through sudden movements.
Arching of the spine is good to be done as much as possible from the upper area of the spine and not from the lumbar area (as much as possible).

A current error is not to point the head to the back at the maximum capacity at that time.


- not executed in case of perforated hernia
- caution in peptic ulcer, intestinal tuberculosis
- in case of hyperthyroidism, the posture will be performed without leaving the head on the back or they can practice with caution and under medical monitoring of the thyroid, having the chance to cure it, provided that the functioning of the gland does not get out of control.

Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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