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Gopi Krishna, you have been taking steps for years to scientifically investigate the yogic experience of awakening the kundalini force. What is the meaning of the word “KUNDALINI” and what is its linguistic history?

KUNDALINI, in Sanskrit, means “coiled” and comes from the word KUNDALA. It refers to a force that in the ordinary man is in a latent state, being “asleep” at the base of the spine, coiled like a snake, but which can be awakened in those who practice YOGA with perseverance. In my case, I knew nothing about this force and at some point, unexpectedly, it became active as a result of the long-term meditations I had done with perseverance for seventeen years. At kundalini’s first awakening in my being, I felt totally disoriented, because I had neither experience nor read a book about it, but at the same time I was amazed and disturbed by what was happening to me. Then I started reading something about this subject and discovered that its roots are anchored in ancient times. It seems that this force was known since the time of the Egyptians, being evidenced by the symbolic ornament of the raised cobra that was part of the covering on the pharaoh’s head. This symbol denotes a close relationship with the power of the serpent or KUNDALINI. There are other names that are attributed to it, one of them being that of KUNDALINI SHAKTI. SHAKTI means force or energy, and PRANA SHAKTI means vital energy or bioenergy, as scientists call it. It is also known in the West as the odic or astral force, or CHI; since it was known by many other names in the past, I was able to discover that there is a very direct connection between SHAKTI in the multimillionaire tantric tradition and in the Sumerian and Assyrian civilizations.

So, due to the awakening of this energy, kundalini shakti, which existed in a latent state in your being and which you discovered after seventeen years of meditation, you were at first forced to become aware of its presence in the human being. Has this led to scientific research to be undertaken to understand what is actually going on?

Yes, it was a terrible experience, because once awakened, the energy continued to act in my being and in my body. This was the most wonderful part of the experience. But during the first few years, I was literally groping in the dark and letting myself be guided only by intuition to know what to do. At some point, I was faced with abnormal states. Then I started reading a book, Arthur Avalon’s The Power of the Serpent, and my eyes fell, not at all by chance, on a sentence that said sadhaka (the initiate) is not allowed to keep his stomach empty, but must serve a light meal every three hours. I followed this advice myself, and it helped me survive.

What were some of the symptoms you experienced after kundalini awakening?

The first symptom was the feeling of intense light in the head. It wasn’t as if I was seeing the light or having the inner vision of light, but rather, it seemed as if a stream of fluid light was penetrating my brain. This outpouring of light continues from then until today. At first it distracted my attention, but little by little it began to delight me more and more, and nowadays it fascinates me to such an extent that it is difficult for me to express in words what I feel. This flow of liquid light began to flood my brain from the very first day – when I was sitting in meditation and when the power of the serpent awoke – and I felt it flow through the whole nervous system, through my stomach, heart, lungs, throat, head, and taking control of my entire body.

It was an intelligent energy that had a precise purpose and knew what to do. Is kundalini energy the evolutionary mechanism responsible for the development of a higher consciousness? Let me call it creative energy, reproductive system. It is also controlled and guided by PRANA, therefore it is both the mechanism and the energy responsible for our spiritual evolution.

If I understand correctly, you want to say that the kundalini energy is also the biological basis from which creativity and the state of genius start, and you offer a biological explanation of these phenomena for which Freud proposes only a kind of psychological metaphor.

That’s correct. Freud’s concept of libido is that of an energy that comes from the lascivious tendencies that exist in the human being, namely the reproductive energy, but only from the psychic point of view. He is not saying that this energy has organic roots. This is what Wilhelm Reich points out, however, namely that this libido must have its roots in the organic structure of the human being. We know that our body depends on food and that there must be a certain way for organic energy to be converted into psychic energy. Psychic energy is not just organic energy, nor is it just electricity. It’s something that science hasn’t yet been able to figure out much about. Scientists are not yet figuring out how to convert organic energy into psychic energy. Therefore, Freud’s concept of libido was limited only to the psychic sphere. He gives no explanation or description of his somatic substrate. What I am saying is that in the man’s seminal energy, in his seminal fluids, there are two ingredients: one of them has a subtle, volatile organic substrate that can be converted into psychic energy that has a greater force. And it is this psychic energy that enters the brain in the form of fluid light. There is also a biological ingredient, coarser, which also reaches the brain through the spinal canal, and which provides nourishment of cells when the regeneration process takes place.

Therefore, what you are proposing about the nature of kundalini energy is a concept that unifies different sciences – physics, biology and psychology – and also provides a bridge between physics, psychology and biology, which allows scientific investigation?

Yes. My experience tells me that in the entire organic structure of the being and in the cells there is a vital element and that the nerves collect this vital element and concentrate it in the reproductive fluids. And that when kundalini wakes up, the reverse action takes place. That this vital element is separated from the coarse elements, and then, as a radiation, it floods the brain, generating the phenomena associated with mystical ecstasy. What exactly is enlightenment? In order to answer this question, I need to give you some additional information. Many years after kundalini shakti awakening in my being, the light that flooded my brain helped me perceive the world differently. I could see everything bathed in a white light. It seemed as if the mirror – I mean the mirror through which we observe the universe subjectively – had a kind of whitish dust on it. For example, if I saw a person or the clothes they wore, they would appear to me as if they had a fine layer of a white substance on top. I have not been able to understand or explain this phenomenon for years. Then, suddenly, this white coating began to become more and more refined, eventually turning into a silvery-white light. Later I began to see everything as having a silvery glow, both when I was sleeping and when I was talking or thinking about something. Therefore, the whole mechanism and substance of which my brain is made up has changed. This is the most extraordinary thing that scientists should investigate. This phenomenon is not specific to me alone. In all the images, the saints – Jesus or the great mystics of the world – are represented with a bright halo, a nimble around their heads. Invariably, it is about this light. It is the indication that the consciousness of the respective saint or mystic is permeated by the light. Many references are made to this light in the Vedas. In the books about HATHA YOGA, kundalini shakti is described in terms of light and sound, and in the Vedas and in the Upanishads, the Immortal Self ATMAN is described as wearing a cloak of light. It is not perceived by ordinary human consciousness. Normally, we only see light when it actually exists in front of us. In the dark, we see only the darkness. But in the case of an enlightened being, there is light both outside it and inside it. She always perceives the existence of a halo of light in her inner universe. It is what I call my Self, my soul, the inner mirror through which I observe the Universe and which is no longer as it was when I was 34 years old. Now it is like a glorious beacon, always bright, a splendor, a wonder. This state did not arise suddenly, but as a result of a gradual process of refinement of energy and consciousness. In the early stages, I could only see a kind of whitish layer. I mentioned about it in the autobiography I wrote. But gradually, the perception has refined. This shows me that after the awakening of KUNDALINI SHAKTI, a transformation also takes place in the being, a biological transmutation that produces a subtle substance that ascends as a radiation to the level of the brain, causing in the inner universe an explosion of light. It is necessary to pass a certain time for this luminous radiation to refine, until it reaches a bright, extraordinary and charming form. This is mentioned in the treatises of HATHA YOGA, even in the book The Power of the Serpent by Arthur Avalon. There are three NADs or channels that pass through the spinal cord – one coarser, the second more refined and the last, the most refined – through which PRANA flows. This corresponds to the experience I have had. At first, the creative energy turned into a coarser form, then into a somewhat more refined one, then into an even more refined one, and finally into the form they currently perceive. This was my inner experience.

How could anyone, just by looking closely at you, really know that you are an enlightened being, given that the only sign of this state is the inner perception of the luminous glow that you manifest and that fills your field of vision? Are there any outward signs of the state of enlightenment that others can observe?

This transformation is so radical that there must be something in the blood and in the spinal fluid that corresponds to it. I cannot say whether scientists will currently be able to discover something because their knowledge of the human body is still far from complete. But I have good reason to believe that as soon as the research begins, within a few years, scientists will be able to discover the peculiarities that exist in the microbiological composition of the blood of an enlightened being. I know from personal experience that in such a case, a huge amount of reproductive fluid is reabsorbed into the blood, into the nervous system and into the brain, so it is absolutely necessary to have a clue that shows that a new mechanism has begun to work. I’m absolutely sure of it! It’s also why I’m so anxious for scientists to make the first discoveries. Surely there is something in the blood and in the brain or in the cerebrospinal fluid that indicates that a new element is present in the case of an enlightened person. That would be one of the signs.

Another sign, as I mentioned in the books I have written, can be observed during the transition stage, when kundalini shakti awakens and begins the regeneration process of the body and the being. Then, anyone can clearly see the signs of increased metabolic activity that takes place in the body – heartbeat, pulse, blood flow, digestion and excretion. All these aspects are mentioned in the hatha yoga books. For example, it is obvious that digestive energy – the digestive fire – is greatly amplified as soon as kundalini shakti awakens in being. There are also other signs that appear. I am sure that a careful examination of the reproductive, genital organs can demonstrate that the energy takes on an upward course. A thorough and accurate examination would certainly reveal the much intensified functioning at the physiological level, so that there would surely appear obvious indications that there have been organic changes in the reproductive system. Such a study would allow physiologists to observe the transformations that occur in the case of an enlightened being at the functional level and at the level of organic structures. Above all, there is this ascending flow of sexual energy, called URDHAVA-RETAS, and ascending oriented orgasm. This is a very clear indication that appears in the case of a wise lighting: its reproductive system begins to operate in the ascending direction. Even when making love to a woman, such an enlightened person is able to control his sexual energy, creative potential. (Here, Gopi Krishna undoubtedly refers to the concept of sexual® continence that is promoted in our YOGA school – n.n.) He can procreate, if he wishes, and then he orients his sexual energy at will in a downward way, through ejaculation, or he may as well orient his ascendant energy, sublimating it and leading it to the upper floors of his being. This can be verified by any physiologist. It’s very simple.

Given the current state of evolution of mankind, I was positively surprised to find that without going into too much detail, there are some scientists who are willing to accept what they are saying. I once discussed it with a famous neurosurgeon from Germany. He said that if this very important characteristic of mystical ecstasy could be verified experimentally, this could put the whole phenomenon on a scientific basis. When I met him again in Munich, along with numerous other eminent scientists, I perceived a real openness to this idea. I didn’t feel any particular resistance. It’s just that the idea was not, however, taken seriously enough to move on to the concrete scientific research phase.

If we now take the mystical ecstasy as it is actually described by the great mystics of the world, that is, everything they tell from experience, we find that light is invariably a characteristic of mystical ecstasy. That is, this ascending flow of sexual energy, this Light, is a characteristic common to all forms of mystical ecstasy. If we read the description of the experiences of communion with GOD of any mystic, we will discover that he says: “I was absorbed in a world of light. I was surrounded by glory.” This is therefore the first experience. Then comes the surprise, the miracle of a spiritual experience that is not at all ordinary and that never appears in the normal course of life. There also appears a state of adoration, of intense love, and the state of happiness awakens in the being. There is also a state of omniscience, as if we knew the entire Universe. And in some cases even visions of spiritual beings appear, such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Vishnu or Allah. These are some of the features of the state of illumination that almost always appear. They are always present in my case.

What psychological changes are observable in a person who has reached the state of enlightenment? Can a psychologist ascertain them or measure them?

KUNDALINI SHAKTI is the purifying agent of body and mind. The most important psychological changes that are specific to an enlightened person are the following: he is more compassionate, more detached, and his EGO manifests less. She is not a violent or aggressive person and is authentic in everything she does.
KUNDALINI SHAKTI is the mother of spirituality and morality. All forms of spirituality are rooted in this energy. From the very beginning, it was the energy that sustained the evolutionary process and that created for human beings the concept of moral virtue. It is not the experience that the social structure offers us that is responsible for our moral principles, but rather the kundalini energy fully awakened in the being. Therefore, we can say about kundalini shakti that it is the guardian of moral virtues. When she wakes up, her first effort is to cleanse the mind of evil desires and passions, of anger, malice, envy, jealousy, and even of excessive ambitions and desires. This means that there is definitely also a biological basis for spiritual and moral values. It’s a part of human evolution.

I feel extraordinary transformations in my being that I cannot explain by my own actions. They have arisen as a result of the remodeling process that is happening incessantly in my body. If we look at the lives of the great mystics of the past, of the prophets, we clearly have evidence of this transformation. All felt the urge to tell the truth, to speak to people with great love, compassion, mercy and benevolence. They all manifested these qualities. KUNDALINI SHAKTI is the treasure trove of all virtues.
If kundalini were misused, mankind could reach a very high level of intelligence – much higher than the current one – but humans would then become monsters. By this I mean that both men and women would in this case become very intelligent, even brilliant, but they would be geniuses of evil. It is perfectly possible that there are such monstrous species in the Universe, which have a very high degree of intelligence. This possibility should not be ruled out. It is possible that there are such malevolent beings who are extremely intelligent, who have a very great inner power and who have a lot of endowments, but who are malevolent, evil and monstrous.

Therefore, if man were to attempt by his own efforts to create a race of beings of high moral standing, he would never be able to do so. We see this very clearly from what people have done during the twentieth century. There have never been such massacres in human history as in this century. Imagine, millions of people were killed in the Second World War, 125 million people were killed in Russia in Stalin’s time, almost five million in India during the partitioning period and three million in Pakistan now (n.n. – in 1995 when this interview was conducted). In the twentieth century the peak of our intellectual development was reached, and yet at the same time mankind manifested itself in the bloodiest way in history. Only through the grace of KUNDALINI SHAKTI, this Holy Spirit, this sacred guardian of our evolution, can humanity progress spiritually and morally. This is why in all the sacred scriptures which have been revealed there is a great deal of emphasis on adoration and reverence for this energy, on the constant meditation on this divine power. It is absolutely necessary for the spiritual and moral progress of the human race that this divine power be beneficial. No kind of training and no theoretical courses, no research on the intellectual level can make the human race more merciful, more generous, more loving, more elevated, more noble. All this is possible only because of the purifying process that the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti energy causes in the being. In the enlightened being there is always a profound transformation from coarse to refined, from animal passions to divinely inspired ideas. Such a person has other concepts, other thoughts and other ideas, of course, but from everything he gives to the world, it is noticed that he always has in mind only the highest ideals. Every such being has always given his heart to men and sacrificed himself for them. The enlightened being knows that there is no other way for mankind to be transformed and thus attain the higher dimensions of consciousness or the highest levels of spirituality, except through divine Grace, whose manifestation is the Kundalini Shakti energy.

Do you mean that the virtues that a saint has are the same as those of an enlightened being? But what about creativity? How is a genius, for example, different from a being who has attained the state of enlightenment?

Here we must take into account the normal aspects of the human mind and personality. We notice that some people are faithful and others are worse, more selfish, some are extremely intelligent, even brilliant, while others are less intelligent. Suppose one of these people reaches the state of enlightenment. What kundalini aims to do as an energy involved in the process of enlightenment of the being will be a restructuring of the brain and mind of the individual, so that he becomes a true superman. The enlightened being is very intelligent, brilliant, compassionate and has the virtues of all the great prophets that have ever existed throughout history. But because people are not all the same – some have a certain weakness, others another, even in the state of enlightenment – we must also take into account our physical and mental state.
Perhaps it is not possible for the processes of remodeling to create a perfect man or woman, who is a genius, full of compassion and love, and who has all the virtues of an enlightened being. There may be differences in one aspect or another. We must say that the same evolutionary energy, which elevates man from the subhuman or animal level, did not create a single evolutionary matrix, but there are different kinds of people. The same is true when we move on to a higher evolutionary stage. There will be no uniform type of men and women. There will be variations. Some may reach a deeper degree of the state of enlightenment, others may become great geniuses, others may be full of love, etc. There will be differences, but undeniably, the man and woman who have attained the state of enlightenment are superior to ordinary people.

While talking about the process that takes place in the case of kundalini energy awakening, you used terms that are valid only for men, such as seminal fluid and erection of the male organ. Is this an experience that excludes women, or is the process valid for both sexes?

It is a process that goes on in parallel. In the case of a man, we have the phallus that is erect. In the case of the woman, we have the activity that takes place in the vagina and the reproductive organ. We can observe the same activity when she interacts amorously with a man. And the inner orgasm is the same. I checked this out in the case of at least three women. In women, the states of orgasm experienced inside the body obviously appear. During the process of awakening the Kundalini, their genitals are in a state of excitation, of dilation, as in men. In fact, in one case, that woman was even ashamed to tell me what was going on with her. He asked me, “Can this be the way to God? I am confronted inwardly with very intense and even disturbing sensations.” “What sensations?” I asked her. She replied, “I can’t even talk about them; they are sensations that usually occur when they make love.” I said to him then, “This is the way to God. You’re on the right track.” So the same thing happens for both sexes. I checked this out. For example, the case of this woman who had just come to me from California is authentic. So in the case of women, it happens the same as in the case of men. I often refer to men because it is not always possible to refer to both sexes at once, especially since their reproductive mechanisms are a little different. So I just pick one. We can say with certainty that the woman has the same kind of manifestations, which are equivalent to those of the man. For both the woman and the man, an evolutionary process takes place. In fact, according to Hindu tradition, evolutionary energy is more active in women than in men.

What can you tell us about those spiritual communities that see celibacy and abstinence as absolutely necessary for spiritual evolution?

I believe that the time has come to eliminate many of the superstitions that come from the past. We now know that God, our Creator, is not a human being. He does not have the mind and brain of a man, but he is a colossus who created all universes and all beings. He would not have created man, and he would not have planted in his being this sexual instinct only to make him suffer and torment himself by following the path of celibacy. And then, if evolution is the purpose of life, and man is destined to attain the highest level of consciousness and to live on Earth as a new race of highly gifted individuals capable of attaining cosmic consciousness, then the very idea of celibacy is a rebellion against the flesh. This is a negative philosophy, a philosophy of despair, in which man is in a state of transition. He has not yet become a perfect man. The perfect man is the one who has reached the state of enlightenment, a man-wonder, a super-human being, a yogi. And if he tries to block his creative and reproductive energy, it means that he is working against the will of God, and we can see that in many, many cases, the monastic life has led to obsessions, even in the spiritual sphere. Many have been too obsessed, too fanatical, even after reaching the state of enlightenment, which is dangerous. There is a possibility that in some people, when kundalini shakti wakes up, their entire energy will orient upwards and they will no longer feel any desire of a sexual nature towards people of the opposite sex. But a normal enlightened being must be as sexually functional as an ordinary man.

From what you are saying it seems to me that the reproductive apparatus is also a mechanism by which evolution occurs, and therefore celibacy is contrary to the nature of evolution. Do you consider, however, that celibacy could be valuable at some point in the process of awakening the kundalini energy, because it is affirmed as a virtue or a moral duty by many spiritual traditions?

There is a difference between celibacy and sexual abstinence. Celibacy means a life led more or less without sexual activity, a life of an unmarried man, a life of abstinence. Such a life is not in accordance with the laws of nature. But control over sexual energy and mastery of libido, and also assuming periods of abstinence are a must for the one who awakens kundalini shakti through yoga. The reason is, as much as I was able to realize, that there is at the level of the brain a certain cortical area whose manifestation is latent and which suddenly becomes active through the awakening of kundalini, and this increased activity of the brain requires a stronger form of psychic energy – not that psychic energy that we commonly use – but a higher form of psychic energy. We can call it bioenergy if you will. This form of energy is supplied by the reproductive organs. In the early stages of kundalini energy awakening, the brain must be fed with all the energy that can be produced by the reproductive organs. In fact, during this period, the human being who experiences this process seems to be virtually in a state of madness. She is already on the verge of attaining a higher level of consciousness, but her body, nerves and vital organs are not attuned to this high frequency of vibration of consciousness. The result is that at that stage we need this energy to feed our brain in order to keep it in a state of normality. It’s exactly what I experienced myself. In fact, such wonderful experiences arise, which I did not write about in the memoirs I published because I felt that they would not be appreciated as credible, so I excluded them from the text. But actually amazing things happened. There is such an absorption of energy that occurs through the spinal energy channel that it can sometimes become frightening. However, this sorb is essential for saving the brain, because every drop of energy – that is, bioenergy – that exists in the being is put in the service of saving the brain until the restructuring of the nervous system and the brain becomes complete. During this period, even a single orgasm with discharge can be fatal. This aspect has already been mentioned by Arthur Avalon in his book The Power of the Serpent. He cites a competent Indian book to support this idea, but I have personally checked.

Can you be more specific about the period in which this extremely critical situation arises?

It is about the moment when, as a result of the yoga practice, we notice that light floods our brain, or when an advanced stage of pranayama techniques is reached and periods arise when we lose the grip of consciousness on the body. We can then realize that the kundalini energy is more or less awakened. During these periods, if the state is clearly perceptible – sometimes we just imagine that it is so, but this is another problem – and if there are also corresponding changes in the digestive system, or in the excretory system, or in terms of pulse, we must conclude that kundalini shakti woke up and from then on I recommend that interactions of a love nature be avoided. In fact, normally libido is non-existent during this period, as a form of protection, and there is no longer sexual desire, because all the energy is automatically attracted to the upper floors of the being. In some cases, however, the desire to make love may still persist, but we must be careful to control this one for several months as well. Then there will occur again, automatically, a strong increase in erotic desire. Then we need to know that the restructuring has been carried out to a certain extent and that we can make love again. But in this case, too, it is necessary to be very careful and to control the sexual energy very well.

Therefore, a being who has transcended the human stage is able to consciously control the flow of kundalini energy and can, at will, either allow its downward orientation by ejaculating seminal fluid, or to direct it upwards, towards the brain?

I’m going to aim to explain it even more clearly. Once kundalini shakti is awakened and the subtle channel through which the sexual energy ascends to the brain opens, after a period of time the balance of the being is restored. This means that the energy continues to climb, but at the same time the reproductive or sexual system is again able to exercise its functions. If that person meditates again with perseverance, let’s say in a few years, or seeks again to expand his consciousness, then another period will follow when kundalini shakti will work in force, sending the flow of sexual energy to the brain. But a restructuring will follow again and again the sexual power will be restored. As soon as this happens and at the same time the state of enlightenment stabilizes in the being, that person becomes able to choose at will how to use his sexual energy during the amorous act: either for procreation or to send it to the upper floors of the being. In other words, it can interact amorously with the beloved and at the same time direct the ascending energy to the brain. Then ejaculation will be suspended, orgasm will be internalized, and energy will go up to the brain. All these phenomena can be clearly and distinctly felt and are described in numerous ancient esoteric texts, such as those from the tantric tradition.

You propose to the scientific community something that, apparently, is in total contradiction with the views that exist in physics and in biology, namely you claim that there is a fifth form of energy in nature, beyond what science officially recognizes, and that the flow of sexual energy can be reversed and directed through the spinal canal to the brain. This apparently defies the already established vision. What would you say to a physicist or a biologist who claims that such a thing is impossible?

What could I say to a religious fanatic who believes that the whole wisdom of the world lies in one book? I would see my job. It is a paradoxical situation. In fact, it’s really incredible. Science still knows almost nothing about the brain; it knows almost nothing of how our biological energy is converted into psychic energy; science still knows nothing about psychic energy. We think, we talk, we walk around, we do all kinds of things, but we don’t know what that energy is. It has been discovered that it is not electricity, it is not chemical energy, it is not gravitational energy. It’s something that science has no idea about. And now, even with this partial information available, if someone chooses to continue to believe that this is the last thing that exists and that there is nothing beyond it, what could I say to such a fanatic? I can predict, however, that during the research that will be carried out on the brain, even with the already well-known methods of science, there will be surprises that will alter the entire conception of Nature. As we know, even in the case of the investigative procedures usually performed by scientists on the brain, scientists do not actually know anything about the brain and nothing about the energy we use to talk, think and calculate. This lack of knowledge is a mistake that in the last two centuries science has perpetuated, and the result is the deplorable state in which the world has reached today. It really is a paradoxical situation.

For example, ask any psychologist or psychiatrist to explain to you the nature of this energy and how it works. Just ask this question: How does organic energy turn into psychic energy? They will not be able to answer you. And yet, the same scientists consider certain things as certain things, which are actually mere speculations. As soon as serious research on kundalini energy is initiated, these great speculative, theoretical constructions – if not all, then at least the vast majority of them – will be demolished. It will be discovered that the same energy of life animates all the creatures that exist on Earth. It is an amazing and shocking energy that cannot be contained with the mind. This will be the first result of the investigations about KUNDALINI. Of course, scientists know that there is a clear connection between the brain and the sexual organs. Scientific research has shown that there is an area of the brain that, when stimulated, causes orgasm. Therefore, scientists should not look too far, because in all cases where the state of enlightenment has been reached, they will find that the energy is ascending. Any physiologist can quantify this in one way or another. During orgasm, the energy will implod, will not protrude outward because it is reabsorbed inside. There’s a way to highlight that, I think Reich discovered it, because that’s when there’s a certain discharge of an electrical nature, or something like that, that coincides with the moment of orgasm. Specialists can clearly observe that no external emission takes place and that the energy is channeled inside the being and oriented upwards. I don’t think scientists need any more evidence to believe what I’m saying. And that’s not just happening to me. I can cite at least ten cases, or even more, that have existed in the West, in which this phenomenon of inner orgasm has been observed, which is nothing more than the prelude to the awakening of the kundalini energy.

This correlates directly with the spiritual experiences that mystics have described throughout history in all spiritual traditions. Symbolism was based on sexuality and sexual experiences. You come up with the idea that there is a biological correlation that explains mystical experience, madness, the mysteries of the biological, the mysteries of physics and psychic research. This is a revolutionary concept, but do you still claim to have clear clues to science as to how testing and research can be carried out in all these areas?

I’ve written extensively about fields and methods, as well as about the changes that can occur as a result of kundalini awakening, but now it’s the turn of scientists to conduct these experiments. In India, there has been pondering the subject, what particular experiments to do, and there are also numerous examples in the mystical literature of India that anyone can examine at any time. But it’s not just the Indian tradition that talks about this subject; Interesting information you can also find in the books of Taoism in China. Read the Sufi literature and even the Western mystical stories, and you will find that the ideas related to sexuality and the representations of a sexual nature are intertwined with descriptions of mystical experiences and states in which a high level of consciousness has been reached. The reason is that this experience, orgasm, which manifests itself as a culmination of amorous interaction, also occurs at the level of the brain when the KUNDALINI awakens – more precisely at the level of sahasrara, the supreme center of the being – and continues to manifest for a certain period of time. Finally, after orgasm, an effervescent source of happiness appears in the being. For this reason, the mystical experience is designated by the words SAT CHIT ANANDA – which means pure existence, pure consciousness and endless bliss. This is the effervescent source of joy. The substance used is the same, seminal fluid, but now it is converted into ojas or psychic radiation and it nourishes our consciousness. And so the whole consciousness transforms, and the transformed being flourishes, because it is connected to a higher dimension of life, a dimension that is full of joy and light. Nothing is the same after that.

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