The learning in the Romanian school undirected towards practical aspects is good or not?


it’s a trivial trap…!
Few people realize what’s wrong in this film, outraged from the first moment by the many seemingly useless things they had to learn in school and attracted by the charisma of the speaker who passes under silence certain fundamental aspects or even does not know them.
That’s right, at first glance you have the impression that this learned does not use anything … big mistake.
Yes, it could improve education, but even if that information would not help the learner (which is not true) to absolutely nothing practical, they transform him inwardly, form them with an analytical and even intuitive mind and help him a lot to get rid of mental tests.
A “rested” mind is never better, even bad, while a “worked” mind, which has understood a lot- even if it is apparently unnecessary – can be brilliant in matters that really matter.
From the perspective of the spirituality of Abheda Yoga, the seemingly unfinished mental effort in school generates to the person in question qualities that are otherwise created through years of assiduous practice that – it’s not hard to guess – no one will ever do unless he was forced into school.
As for how everyone can use the accumulated knowledge, everyone uses what he has if he is good at doing so – otherwise he needs a “way of use” that, perhaps, no one will give him.
In fact, knowledge of advanced mathematics can describe the world if you know how- and you can use them in many mundane situations… Read Jules Verne – which is no longer sf but describes what is current – and you will see how a cult and learned man should be in the middle of life.
Otherwise, it remains only to assimilate the art of coping, of being humble and of blaming the quality of education for the fact that you do not like the life that is offered to you.

We present here a story attributed to Father Arsenie Boca.
A man slept in his hut when one night the room was filled with Light and God appeared to him.
The Lord asked him to do some work for him and showed him a large rock in front of the hut. He explained that he would have to push the stone daily, with all his might, which the man had done.
For many years he worked hard, from sunrise to sunset he pushed with all his might, with his shoulders propped up by the massive and cold surface of the unshakable rock.
Every night the man would return sadly and exhausted to his hut, feeling that he had wasted the whole day to no avail.
Just when the man was more discouraged, the unclean man decided to make his appearance in his despondent thoughts:
– For so long you have been pushing the stone and it hasn’t even budged…
So the man was left with the impression that his task is impossible to accomplish and that all his work will be a failure.
These ideas depressed and discouraged him even more.
The unclean man said to him:
– Why are you ruining yourself? Spend your time doing only minimal effort and you will feel better.
The man, weary, had just set out to do so, but before that he decided to pray and tell him the lord’s care.
“Lord,” he said, I have worked hard and hard for You, gathering all my strength to do what You asked me to do. After so long, I was not able to move the stone even by half a millimeter. What have I done wrong? Why didn’t I succeed?
The Lord answered him understandingly:
– Man, when I asked you to serve me and you accepted, I told you that your duty was to push with all your might into the rock, which you did. I never said I was waiting for you to move it. Your job was just to push. And now come unto me weary, saying that thou hast failed. So be it…? Look at yourself… Your arms are strong and muscular, your back is bruised and tanned, your hands are beaten by so much pressure, your legs have become strong and strong. You’ve developed a lot and your capabilities are beyond what you might have expected to have. True, you have not moved the rock. But your commission was to listen to me and to push, that you might test your faith and hope in my wisdom. Which you did. Now, man, I will move the rock.
Sometimes, when we hear the word of God, we tend to use our thinking to decipher what He wants, when He usually asks us only for simple obedience and trust in Him.
Although we believe that by faith we move mountains, in fact it is still God who moves them out of lo

Coming back – yes, education is oriented to bring out “fools” – but even so, if we learn well, we have a sharp mind, work power, many advantages and… ba an international prize, ba a well-paid job, ba a published book or an invention or “just” a wise life … I say it may even be good!

Leonard Radutz

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