The link between the winter solstice and Christianity

What can be surprising now is that, in the first three centuries of Christianity, the birth of Jesus does not arouse much interest. Moreover, many priests regarded as the anniversary anniversary of the birth of the holy martyrs or of Jesus.

Christian practices, as we know them today,are pretty much the fruit of ecumenical councils and it is, in fact, natural, because the original message is now carried by Christian cults or organizations.

What is certain is that the celebration of Jesus on December 25th is not necessary until the 4th century

And that’s after Christianity is declared by Constantine the Great as the official religion of the empire. This decision is a political one and through it it was intended to overlap Christianity over the cult of Mithra, which happened.

At the Council of Nicea it is established that Jesus will be officially celebrated on December 25th. According to Pope Julius I, Christmas was celebrated for the first time in Rome around 337 and only after a few decades it spreads throughout the Christian world. Christmas was established in 429 AD, when the Emperor Justinian declared the feast of the empire the day of Christ’s birth.

What seems obvious is that the celebration of the birth of Jesus overlaps with a solstice celebration, coincising with a veritable solar cult.

Until it was officially considered the Birth of Jesus on December 25, it was celebrated on several dates, the most important and widespread of which was the 6th of January. The Eastern Church celebrated the Physical Birth with the Spiritual Birth which was considered to be Epiphany, at which point John recognizes Jesus as the Messiah.

For us, the solstice falls on December 22nd. And if we made a correction of the period 25 December – 6 January, relative to our day we would get the interval 22 December – 3 January. What is extremely important and suggestive is that on January 3rd, although the cold reigns in the northern hemisphere, the Earth is at the smallest distance from the Sun, the moment bearing in astronomy the name perihelion. Another time and we meet again an important and unique relationship in the course of a year between the Sun and earth. The Earth is closest to the Sun, and Jesus the Sun officially begins his mission.

Items of practical value

Cosmic energies merge with telluric energies through a sacred initiation process, resulting in the birth of the Christ Principle.

On December 24th we have an additional free will and if we want to evolve, we have the opportunity to enter into communion with the Christian Savior, who smiles at us, as if anxious to give us the Light.

Whether we choose to evolve or not, to waste time through inappropriate amusements, on this day we are opened up unbanned perspectives, we will have spiritual gifts, metaphysical surprises, which will affect our personality.
Karma being “as at rest” a day – makes it easier to make transformations towards Self-Consciousness.

By December 21st the sun is moving south (in our hemisphere), to the lowest point on the celestial canopy.
On December 21st the day of the Winter Solstice, the sun reaches the lowest point on the sky canopy, on its way south, the day will be the shortest and will be the longest night of the year.
After December 22, the Sun apparently ceases to move south, staying for 3 days near the Southern Cross Constellation.

From 25 the Sun advances by 1 degree, on its great journey northwards, so the force of life grows, enjoying with more Light and Love…

Astronomically, the nights are shrinking and the days are getting “happy”…

December 24, is part of the 3 days of “rest” of the sun, of apparent death, in which the initiation reaches unbanned peaks,the ethereal fluid is sown by the cosmic ethereal fluid, so we will receive new codes of Light, from Astral, for our cells stuck in trauma.

We receive a divine Restart,for our re-entry into the orbit of the Higher Self, on the path of our true destiny in life.

24 December is a divine gift, a reminder of Who We really are, an impulse given to life stuck in materialism.

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