What does Christianity “have to do with” yoga?

What does Christianity “have to do with” Yoga?

In my view,

there is no contradiction whatsoever between yoga and Christianity on a fundamental level.

Only on a superficial dogmatic level – and only from Christianity to yoga.
And this happens only because of fears, lack of study and fanaticisms that are difficult to understand.

taking into account that yoga does not decrease the number of people in the church.
Sometimes it increases it, even.

It’s amazing that through dogmatism and closure,

Yoga classes are pointlessly attacked by some churchmen,

But he never breathes a word about Luciferian organizations

who denigrate the church in the press,

limit religious study in schools,

force through abusive laws and specific actions the homosexualization and transsexualization of children

and corrupts the very foundation of this ancestral faith, programmatically, abusively, and organized.

Yoga does absolutely nothing against the church.

More than that. Abheda yoga is a special chance to be able to get in touch with these exceptional Christian traditions without dogmatisms, seeking to live life as a spiritual path.
This precious prospect is, in fact, very rare, but we hope to become increasingly popular in the future.

So… why do we do at Abheda and hesychast meditation?

Out of sincerity, because these are the best methods I’ve discovered and practiced.
And to do good, according to our powers and as much as we are allowed in this terrible moment of humanity.

NO ONE who contacted us gave up the Christian perspective or the church;
some people have even declared that they now have a much deeper faith.

If, however, someone dares to relate to both traditions correctly,

they find that they, in an essential way, can exceptionally support each other.

This is also possible because both spiritual traditions (Christianity and yoga) are authentic.

From this perspective, yoga is necessary

to have a healthy body

and to achieve any type of meditation much more effectively.

About hesychast meditation

⇒ Properly practiced hesychast meditation has the advantage that it has great efficiency for many practitioners.
It is an invaluable pearl of Christian spirituality and allows us to ascend inwardly, regardless of what state we start from.

I mean, we have results.

  • whether we are in the mood for meditation or not,
  • whether we have aspiration or not,
  • sometimes, even whether we believe in God or not (shockingly, isn’t it?)

Of course, for this last aspect to happen, it requires benevolence and sincerity in the spiritual approach.
Otherwise everything would be pointless.

In many types of yogic meditations (not in all) it is necessary to have a previously gained skill.

Then it is possible that, using that ability to do meditation, we are successful.
Sometimes it is necessary to have a certain preference for a tradition,

to have an affinity and to be able to practice.

Another huge advantage in hesychast meditation is that, although very simple, it offers the opportunity to live spirituality in the middle of life.
So there’s no need to retire to the monastery or the hermitage anymore.

we can be very spiritual anywhere and anytime.
In yoga, this is a peak aspect that can be found especially in:

  • the tradition of maha mudra,
  • dzog chen,
  • or in nondualist yoga in India (especially in northern Kashmir).
From this perspective, hesychast meditation and the practice of yoga we believe will be part of the golden future of humanity.
And this is because they open the way for a spiritualized but also spiritualizing life.


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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