Giving up the spiritual path – mistake with consequences

1 “To err is human, but to persist in error denotes either stupidity or malice”

“Stupid is not who does not know, but it is stupid who knowing, behaves as if he did not know”

So to be wrong is possible. it is, in fact, in the nature of things, because we are in the making.
But it is obvious to those who have a minimum wisdom that if you managed to realize that something was wrong, it would be appropriate to change something in your actions according to the new understanding. Otherwise, it is called that you are stupid or a man who consciously wants to do evil (that’s why you can say it’s devilish).

How does this relate to the spiritual path?
It is natural that, until you have learned and understood the fundamentals of human evolution, you do not practice, and even sometimes, to oppose and fight fiercely against what seems to you, perhaps, bad (due to ignorance). We have here the very well-known example of Paul who at first oppressed Christians, after which he became an essential apostle of the Savior. his act of oppressing Christians was not considered serious, and we have here as proof that he then received the investiture to be one of the most active apostles of Christianity. But if, after he understood the truth about spiritual knowledge, he had continued or resumed oppressing Christians, it would have meant either stupidity or demoniac or satanic action.

SunlightBut if, through a very good karma and through the efforts of many beings from the physical plane and from the subtle, you managed to understand these fundamentals of the spiritual evolution of man, it is a serious deed to throw away the spiritual pearls received with so many efforts (personal but also of others, knowledge being, in fact, a divine Grace).

Or, it’s a very serious deed to balance spiritual evolution with who knows what so-called human values, which seem awkward from a universal perspective.

Basically when we are allowed to learn essential spiritual teachings – it is like a “forgiveness” from the Divine Order that allows us to find out how it can evolve rapidly and consciously. If, at some point, we willfully give up this so-called forgiveness – “forgiven” karma will return in force.

Therefore, to leave the authentic spiritual path or to unconsciously push or support others to do so is a terrible deed, tantamount to a spiritual suicide.
Here it is good to remember that a deed performed in the new context of the partial spiritual ascension that we have known puts us under the scope of the Romanian proverb ” the higher you fall, the harder you hit yourself“.

To fall spiritually is possible, no matter how high a being has come (from a spiritual point of view) – if he has not already obtained the final spiritual realization. And here we can remember Satan, the first created angel and the most powerful, who preferred, for various reasons, to fall into outerness, centering in the Ego.

In fact, what do you feel when this happens?
Because we don’t notice when we “fall asleep,” we only notice when we “wake up.”
Mirroring ourselves in others, we will notice, however, that we become more obtuse, more inflexible or rigid, more incapable of unconditional love and genuine forgiveness, tolerance is reduced and our ability to be inspired and make wise decisions is reduced.

If before we had some trials that required us (sometimes intensely) some superior inner skills, now the trials of life will settle more and more in coarser areas: fatigue, in relational terms, in the field of health, simpler and more gregarious work efforts, etc. EVENTUALLY, THE DEGREE OF SUFFERING AND UNFULFILLMENT OBVIOUSLY INCREASES.

In our opinion, dedicating one’s own existence for spiritual evolution, the frantic search for truth, putting into practice the fundamental principles of spiritual evolution, helping other beings and, especially, helping them to receive what you yourself had the chance to receive are noble, necessary, essential desiderata for anyone and THE HIGHEST KARMA YOGA.

How can we not fall spiritually, ending up giving up the authentic spiritual caela?

First of all, it is good to take care not to violate natural spiritual rules, such as nonviolence, truth and the others in Yama and Niyama.
Regular spiritual practice is an indicator that usually clearly shows the force of our aspiration and the appearance or disappearance of doubts. So let’s practice spiritually intensely and regularly.
The company of people with spiritual preoccupations and the reading of books with spiritual themes (but not instead of practice) can help enormously.
It is a lifesaver to ask for the opinion of people we trust
– and it would be best, here, to take into account the opinion of the teacher, the guide or the spiritual master.

2Distrust in the spiritual and master path has, in this situation, a devastating effect and man can regress, through his deeds, very quickly and very much.

It is good to know that the spiritual teacher or master, even if he may, is not allowed to intervene to help us if we do not trust him and if we do not ask him to do so, because he would violate the law of karma and Free Will.

Asking for help is an important condition and it is valid in any situation: even to Angels, divine Avatars or even to God himself.


Leo Radutz

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