The 10 Whole Goddesses and the Spiritual Heart

The ten divine powers or Mahavidya (Dasa Mahavidya) represent in the Hindu tradition, the 10 fundamental facets of the manifestation of the feminine deity.

That is, they represent a 360-degree description of the divine perspective, so they are not a simple “gathering” of the facets of the one Supreme Being but a total and coherent description of what the supreme Being could be for an adorer under his feminine aspect of the Great Goddess.

It represents 10 ways of fervently loving the transformative path that leads us from the finite to the inifinite, from ignorance to knowledge, from the passerby to the incorruptible.

In order to truly know God, the aspirant must gradually identify with each of the 10 Great Cosmic Powers, eventually attaining absolute Knowledge.

The names of these 10 fundamental female forces are:

Kali represents the authenticity and terrible force of time,

Tara – the grace of compassion,

Tripura Sundari – dazzling beauty, harmony and divine love,

Bhuvaneshwari, – the power of space and forms,

Tripura Bhairavi,-the power of rapid evolution through personal effort,

Chinnamasta – the power of fuilgerating evolution and the courage to do it

Bagalamukhi – the power of divine stopping and fascination,

Matangi – the power of the logos or the divine word, of the universal order and of the initiatory arts.

Kamalatmika – the power of evolution by wholeness.


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