The story of the silver bells

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It is said that once, long ago, a master lived secluded in the mountains. He was cheerful all the time and smiled at all those who came his way. One of his students, curious to find out how the master is always happy, asked him one day:

– “Master, where did this continuous smile on your face come from?”

“From the wind chimes.” replied the master.

– “How so?”

– “Every time the silver chimes ring at my gate, a boundless joy engulfs me! It means someone is coming… And the arrival of someone, even just the wind, fills me with happiness every time.”

Thinking that they would have something magical in them, one night the student decided to steal the bells. He took them to his house, placed them at the gate and waited for the miracle to occur. But you don’t feel anything when they ring. What’s more, after a week, the sound of bells began to annoy him from the way out.

When everything became unbearable, engulfed in remorse, he went back to his master to return the chimes to him. He asked for his forgiveness countless times and, when he was sure that the master had forgiven him, he asked him the question that troubled him:

– “Why does nothing happen to me when the bells ring? Why doesn’t the joy I see appear in you?”

-“My dear,” replied the master, “where did you place the chimes?”

– “At the gate of my house, master!”

– “Well, see? You had to place them at the gate of your soul…”


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