10 advantages of those who participate in the Abheda camp

10 advantages of those who participate in the Abheda camp

What is a spiritual camp?

It is a spiritual retreat in an organized setting.
It is a call that the yoga teacher makes to his students to convey certain initiations and spiritual truths to them.

To this call respond those beings awakened enough to understand or intuit that this is how they have the chance:

  • to transcend their ego
  • to awaken his soul
  • to be whole in the Supreme Self Atman

Transcending your ego is not easy, because it seeks any crack in the process of spiritual awakening, in order to keep its first place.
The ego constantly has the impression that its transcendence is tantamount to its death – which is completely false.

Still, for the ego this truth does not matter and he will fight with all his forces not to be transcended.
This situation and spiritual inertias are opposed by the forces of the living soul or of the Self.

Man feels that he offers, as an offering, the lower tendencies of the ego to his spiritual transformation.
In order to thwart the – otherwise natural – tendencies of the ego, a discipline and inner vigilance is also required.

Such a calling as a spiritual camp should be answered wholeheartedly!

A spiritual seeker makes invaluable efforts to get to such a camp and then benefit from it, from the perspective of spiritual awakening.

Basically, you have to “put yourself in danger” of evolving.
In reality, there’s no danger! In fact, it is the chance of the living soul to be happy.

1. The spiritual retreats organized at the camp level have a great efficiency

because the spiritual seeker does not have time to blasé himself, the spiritual aspiration is fresh and the intensity of the maximum experience.

Such a retreat provides an enormous spiritual impulse whose influence will be felt in the coming weeks and even months, depending on everyone’s aspiration and daily practice.
It is an invitation for people who want to achieve a major spiritual leap in a short time and who are determined to make an intensive effort for this.

2. Anyone who thinks they are interested in such a spiritual effort can participate

and that it can respect the options of the other participants. What we do in such a situation is our part. The rest is “God’s part,” which is greater or lesser, and which He offers according to criteria that deliver us; but that’s always fair.

3. The inner attitude and strategy of a yogi should be as follows:

during the year to practice regularly and wholeheartedly for its transpersonal development and in the camp-retreat to use these quantitative accumulations to achieve the greatest possible qualitative leaps.
Nothing is lost, absolutely no effort or endeavor that we make on the road of our spiritual evolution.
We will not miss the good will in the tannery, especially since we have the opportunity to participate in the Yoga of spontaneous joy, a party where no alcoholic beverages are consumed and where we can dance and socialize.
The few days we have at our disposal, we use them efficiently and fully to assimilate as much information as possible transmitted by the Master.

And most of all, we understand that the spiritual camp does not have a touristic or resting purpose!

4. Spiritual evolution in a group can be very strong!

The influence of the spiritual group (especially when it acts in unison) and of the spiritual teacher or master can be so important that the results are much greater, more significant, more intense than if we acted alone.

The effect can be a huge one, the efficiency of the efforts made in unison, being 10 to 100 times higher or, even, much more, depending on the preparation of the participants and their spiritual aspiration.
Sometimes the effect of group action makes the difference between “almost nothing” (almost zero efficiency) and ultimate spiritual realization (“infinite” efficiency).

A group with spiritual preoccupations itself directs the participants towards the wisdom to enjoy the maximum freedom (or, perhaps, even the state of spiritual liberation).

5. The relay meditation in the camp is a gigantic spiritual occasion

It remains as a background of what is, in fact, the essence of the spiritual Path, the higher forms of yoga, the altered states of consciousness and, above all, the transcendence, without which the fundamental non-dual state cannot be lived.
It is an alchemical melting pot of spiritual finishing and the burning of karma through meditation.

Participation in the early ritual can mean much greater efficiency in meditation – by at least 30%.
But it can double or triple, or a major, immeasurable leap can occur through the emergence of a rare spiritual chancethrough Grace.
During meditation, we can receive, in the form of answers, solutions to the problems in life that concern us, which otherwise, in the usual way, we do not find out.

6. In the camp are taught nondualist teachings from the fundamental yoga Abheda – The Way of the Heart

(in fact it is the most important aspect of the camp), different meditative techniques and the practice of hatha-yoga every day

It is a special opportunity to get to know each other and to intensively practice certain techniques of non-dualistic yoga Abheda Yoga, which can be very effective in such a retreat.
Meditations will be made that allow spiritual progress, so that anyone who has the aspiration to start an accelerated spiritual evolution , can now have the opportunity to do so.

7. Mauna (the oath of silence)

It can be practiced by lack of speech. In Sanskrit, mauna means silence, silence.
Throughout the camp, in the sacred space dedicated to relay meditation,
the mauna will be maintained perfectly (there is no talk in whispering either).
It is necessary to aim to achieve Mauna and within the time interval set for all
camp participants.

Mauna helps us to conserve our energies and thus we will be able to do much more successful meditations. The oath of silence is taken not only towards us, but also for the support and spiritual evolution of all the participants in the camp. That means not talking at all and abstaining from onomatopoeia as well. We will gain a much greater mental strength, we develop the power of our will, we will enjoy deep peace, calm and great spiritual power.

8. Intensive participation in the activities of the camp,

it can make it easier for us to access in the middle of life the natural state, characterized by SAT-CIT-ANANDA (pure existence, pure consciousness, pure nondual happiness).
Each and freely can accelerate their spiritual evolution, achieving the yoga of the action – karma yoga, through the disinterested service to the others, integrating themselves into the different efforts that are realized for the organization and smooth running of the spiritual retreat.
In the end, we can have the chance to become aware of the transcendence of some important karmic problems that blocked our spiritual evolution.

9. We can benefit from SHAKTIPAT

That is , it is a helper, an impulse that comes through the teacher or master.
This impulse allows the student to achieve, for the time being, skills that he alone would not have reached yet.
There is a transfer of energy and skills to the disciple or the spiritual Seeker.

These skills can manifest themselves for a limited period of time – for example, a day to a week.
In order to have harnessed such an impulse , it is necessary for the student to make efforts himself to take over the impulse and amplify it.

It is good to keep in mind that Shaktipat requires an energy consumption for the one who offers.
But this effort is rewarded by the joy of the progress that the aspirant makes.

Shaktipat is also a capacity that varies from student to student.
If the student is prepared, the impulse received is significant in quantity and quality and surpasses perhaps, the most beautiful dreams he had about such a helper.

10. We can support much easier during the camp, Anaharin (black fasting with water)

Anaharin or black fasting only with water is a process often used in Abheda Yoga,
studied at our school in the framework of lessons about Ayusya – long-life techniques.
We benefit from the support and energy of the whole group and we can more easily share the sensations experienced, in order to encourage other yogis to benefit from the miraculous effects of these purification procedures.



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