What does Linux mean? Love. And freedom.

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What does Linux mean? Love. And freedom.

"People's operating system".

Well, why?

An OS - an operating system made by people for humans.
Supercreative, without "bombs" put to enter your computer, without advertisements, without control of artificial intelligence from a distance.

An operating system that makes your laptop yours and only yours, unrelated to Apple and Microsoft. Or with passing governments and control systems.

Something made by people who work at night in their free time to make it beautiful, creative, inexpugnable and that is getting better from day to day.

We find that the known systems cost money but, amazingly, they also force us to keep the computer in contact with them at all times.
We even have to accept remote checking and eventual prosecution if they don't like what we have on the hard drive.

At first it was said:

something open source may not be good and just what is on the money is professional.

And lo and behold, time has passed and what is done for love and out of dedication has evolved and set in motion more people than those with money could pay.

Amazing, but Linux is a gigantic planetary work made pro bono. Just for the sake of it.

Like yogis who work for the benefit of the community without thinking about a reward.

But the quality of the operating system and programs has increased and now we really need it to be good.

You can use any distribution, but we suggest KUBUNTU (not Ubuntu, which is good and he but it's different).
It is a relatively stable, rigorous, efficient distribution that looks good and in which you easily understand everything you do.

After working in Kubuntu, you don't want anything else.

That's how good it is.

I mean, it's a good Linux for the Good OM Revolution.

Leo Radutz

founder of Abheda Yoga Academy and

Revolution of the Good OM

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