Therapy or method ho’oponopono

Therapy or method ho’oponopono

The ho’oponopono method or meditation has the following effects:

– state of inner freedom

– burning of karma or “sins”, “cleansing” of connections that, out of ignorance, we have maintained through unforgiveness

– higher or very high inner state

– inner purity,

– harmonization of relations with the other beings, human or non-human (animals, plants, beings from the subtle)

– the development of a state of genuine nonviolence and understanding towards any being, manifesting the ability “to be good without being both stupid or taken for granted”

– efficiency in everyday life in everything we do

– a mental – emotional – spiritual field that influences for the better the beings around us and which has as its source our very soul or spirit

– a good preparation for an effective spiritual practice, if we aspire to achieve.

How do you do it?

In a meditation position, with our eyes closed or in the middle of life, with our eyes open and maybe also in motion
we speak anywhere, anytime and especially when we have problems,

I love you…

I’m sorry…

forgive me…


or in the order of

I’m sorry …

forgive me…


I love you…


I love you…” is a wonderful beginning that makes reference to unity and authenticity. It dissolves the “walls” or “fences” that give the ego the illusion that it has a protection. This beginning also represents an abandonment to the Truth, whatever it may be, is uplifting, unifying and transfigurative. a consecration of the most beautiful, safe and necessary perspective.

I’m sorry…” it is “our part” – our contribution, whether we have to reproach ourselves something or not;

forgive me…” – it is a request in whose fulfillment we hope but do not pretend whether we have to reproach something or not thank you…” – gratitude….

Leo Radutz the founder of Abheda Yoga Academy and the initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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