What does it mean to be a yoga teacher?

We invite you to the international yoga teacher classes organized by Abheda Yoga Academy – TTC200 starting in October 2018.

They take place in Bucharest but people from all over the world can participate because they only take place once a month on weekends.

Being a traditional yoga teacher is a special investment and you feel that you can help people – perhaps in the most special way possible.
Life takes on a sense that is proportional to the way a sense arises in students’ lives.

As a traditional yoga teacher you tend to guide your own students on the path to the elite of humanity, at a time in the world where people can no longer control their emotions, their minds, in which they no longer want or do not know that human virtues make life happier and more meaningful.

If the health, relaxation and concentration that come through yoga are good and desirable, the mystery of transformation through traditional yoga brings you to a situation where all the mysteries of the human mind seem to be waiting to be taught to you.

And all this, having the consciousness

that “through authentic yoga everything is possible but not everything is allowed”.

Feel like as you practice yoga and perfect yourself you can give them more to everyone.

Common mistake: do not “go” to be a yoga teacher if you do not practice yourself intensively and extensively and if you do not cultivate authenticity in everything you do…

There is a risk of amplification of spiritual hubris – the most dangerous form of hubris, which appears easily and disappears hard. Here it is necessary to cultivate the state of humility, even to acquire mastery in its manifestation.

Because otherwise the road is wide, the path beaten, the spiritual hubris is “sustainable” and brilliant, even, for some.

Mistake is possible – we are human – but it “costs” dearly as consequences, so as a yoga teacher you have to train yourself to make very little or no mistake.

We call you on a bright and narrow path that is worth it:

Traditional yoga teacher course

academic level Abheda TTC200!


Leo Radutz




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