What does the posting – Vairagya – look like in action?

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What does detachment look like in the middle of the action?

People who understand the necessity of detachment as an essential step in spiritual evolution towards ourselves and towards happiness, knowledge and freedom, expect that detachment will be a serenity, impertubable state, without variations in energies.

And isn’t that right?

Detachment in meditation is so because it is actually transcendence. In the middle of life, however, the important problem of the one who is already detached from the action and its fruits is the fact that it is necessary to perform, that is, to take care or attention so that the action (the fulfillment of his spiritual mission or the dharma) is well done and has the necessary results or pursued because

“it’s necessary to be good but … to be good at something.”.

I mean, even if you’re detached from the action and its fruits, that action given to Infinity it must be done well, with all its stages, known, intuited or surprising, to get the best results, even if you do not consider them your own and even if (necessarily) you are not attached to them.

For example, a chess player can be detached from the game and its outcome, but aims to play as well as possible, using all his skill and even the skill “attracted from Infinite” to achieve good results of which, however, he is detached. During the game, his care to find and achieve the best move may seem to someone attachment, but the difference is easily seen when, for example, he loses.

If he wins he enjoys to a certain extent, if he loses, he does not mind, remains serene and natural.

Extrapolating, our entire existence is, in fact, a divine game, in which we have a dharma or spiritual mission to fulfill and each must perform, with detachment as the background.

Acaesta “care” or “attention”, “concern” to perform is easy to be confused with attachment, such that:

– we have attached people who consider that they are only careful to perform

– we have detached people who have the concern, care or attention to perform, but are worried that they would be attached (or other people think of them as attached)

– we have seconded people who don’t perform and don’t feel guilt, because they ‘are and need to be seconded’

– we have people who perform but don’t think there’s anything wrong because they mistakenly think that posting would mean not performing.

But performing is perfectly possible when you’re detached, even the results are best when you’re detached from the action and its fruits but you put all your attention and skill into making the action (which we assume is part of your dharma) come out right.

That is, detachment gives us the best personal performance if we are careful to act well to achieve our dharma.

A very important condition in that action is to maintain firmly and in depth the state of humility.

Then the results are exceptional because we are wary of identification with the ego but we are inspired to the fullest our capacity today.


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