When he is a man… small?

When is a little man?

Man is not “small” when he cannot.
Because, dressed in the human robe, which is his body, he has a limited outer nature and an unlimited inner nature.

Man is small when he has bad will.

When, however, he cannot, but he wants to overcome himself almost in any beneficial direction , especially in a spiritual direction, then man is divine.
And it is not only a metaphor, it reveals even outwardly its divine nature.

When is a little man?

We know that its divine nature is limitless.

How can a man, precisely because he is faced with limitation, reveal his limited nature?

Because he tends to the infinite within him, consciously or unconsciously.

This tendency towards the infinite in him is actually a reminder, a longing, a fondness that he feels and towards which he moves with greater or smaller steps.
Sometimes these steps are faltering or even can be some steps forward and some steps back.
Man has this aspiration to the miracle in him, which he describes in a way and a face.
For example: to be better at yoga, in tennis or fitness, at teaching, or at the power to make love better, to love more beautifully, to be better in the art of singing or painting, and so on.
His aspirations show him:

  • in a way that can be reflected in the finite this to himself
  • and he shows this to others many times, helping him to evolve progressively or in a flash.

Here we could remember the story of the cobbler who sighed that he could not do his morning prayers.
And this is because he was giving up his sacred duties to do his morning prayers for something dull and even material:

to repair the shoes of people who the next day had to go to work and had only one pair of shoes.

From this it follows that “the hands that help are more precious than the mouths that pray.”

The rabbi replied that if he were in God’s place, his sigh that he could not do the morning prayer because he helps others, he was more precious than the prayer he would have done, giving up helping others.

All this is in connection with the limitation – at first glance (even the sigh), but in fact it reveals to us the non-limitation.

It reveals the inner greatness of man that is actually connected with the infinite within him,

with the perfect perfect light of his essential Self with the divine spark in the soul of man.

It is in connection with God present in man.


Leo Radutz,

founder of the Abheda system,

the initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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