Why is luciferianism dangerous and deceptive? (includes film)

Because it deftly gives the illusion of progress when, in fact, it blocks your evolution and directs you to ineffective directions.

Because Luciferianism is the perspective of life in which we seek fulfillment on the outside, denying the essential, spiritual direction of connection with fulfillment or happiness.

For the most terrible slavery is of him who falsely believes that he is free.

Luciferianism’s motto is “Do what you want.”

Knowledge and luciferian power seek to fulfill man’s present desires,

ignoring the fact that desires depend on the current level of knowledge and that, in this respect,

others should also be man’s desires and actions for the fulfillment of these desires.


“What to build on the university campus, a brewery or a library? According to the votes of the students, the brewery will most likely win. And, apparently, for those students there was a so-called progress in fulfilling their wishes.”

“In the wild west, whites offered whiskey and weapons to Native Americans for them to sell their land. Apparently they were doing them a good, because they were fulfilling their current desires, but they were taking advantage of their ignorance that made them sell for nothing something important, making a gesture that they will regret later, when their desires will be different, due to the subsequent exit from ignorance!.”

“The Spanish conquistadors bought the gold of the natives with colored beads. Why is that? Because they took advantage of their ignorance, although, for the moment, they fulfilled their desires and they were happy, and even considered them benefactors.”

“TV shows like: let’s exchange moms, yours looks better, they let you do whatever you want.”

“Don’t go to school, stop reading,” says the pimp of the young girl, come to me to do prostitution, I will help you earn more money and you will fulfill your every wish. Remember “Teacher, live the kids alone!“”

“Get hired at my brokerage company, learn and then make me money, because that way you will make a lot of money for yourself. We will be at the top of the trophic pyramid”

The so-called luciferian progress is at most horizontal, while the true evolution is vertical.

Luciferic knowledge is the knowledge that leads to the fulfillment of present desires and to externality

while true knowledge leads man to the genuine good,

towards a transformation of deep consciousness, towards a higher understanding, and even towards the spirit.

And then man’s desires will be different, because man’s desires are actually defined by the level of consciousness.

Luciferianism has as its simple philosophy

“Let’s do what we want, if we can

and to fight all our lives so that we can as much as possible, so that we can do more and more what we want,

indifferent to any kind of morality.”


According to the false Darwinian principle that suggests that all that matters is the right of force and nothing else.

Why fake?

Because there is also the right of conscience and this, in the case of man, is more important, because not everything is allowed, even if you can.

In Dostoyevsky’s last novel, Ivan Karamazov complains that, “if God (or the infinite in man, the knowledge that generates the exit from ignorance) does not exist, then everything is allowed (the right of force), and if everything is allowed, then we are lost.”

Luciferianism carefully bypasses the true meanings of religions, myths, legends and fairy tales, interpreting them in the direct sense, not in the metaphorical or profound sense. For example, God is not, for luciferians, man’s glorious infinite potential, but a superstition, a blind faith in an all-powerful bearded santa.

The labyrinth is not, for luciferians, an essential test to be solved for the human consciousness, but only an obstacle to avoid or a test that can be, if possible, circumvented.

The gods are not, for them, different facets of the infinite human potential that can be awakened, at some point, but only some false imaginings and beliefs in aberrant and immoral gods.

Luciferianism fools man that he can have free will at any time, hiding the fact that this will is free only according to the level of authentic knowledge. Thus, the ignorant have the will dependent on desires, instincts, psychic mechanisms, manipulations, but although it is so, people are suggested that they are free and that they actually have, at all times, free will.

They will then discover too late that

the most terrible slavery is of one who falsely believes that he is free!

P.S. In the top image we can see a classic image of Baphomet,

a “spirit of nature” in the vision of Luciferianism that has on the gable the motto

“Do what you want.”

Leo Radutz




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