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Given the fact that we have already entered the informational age, we will have to adapt as quickly as possible to the requirements of this era, in which education of any kind, various courses, seminars and other training methods will move to virtual online platforms.

What does this mean, for those who want to learn yoga?

In the nearest future, we aim to make a platoform of online yoga classes. In this way, as many as possible of those who want to participate in these courses, will be able to do so, even if they do not have the opportunity to be physically present, at the yoga course.

In the last 2-3 years, the number of sites that provide free online courses that help you learn new skills or refresh them, has exploded.

As these sites that offer all sorts of free online courses develop, it is brought up whether they are more effective in educating masses of people through MOOCs (MOOCs) than the public education system.

The good part is that they often demonstrate that they are more pleasant to use and more practical than the public education system that sometimes inhibits education due to the inflexible or outdated curriculum and the grading system.

The most powerful educational portals (such as Coursera) have even reached the position of negotiating with the American state, so that some of the courses of the portal are even credited by the public education system.

Next we will present a list of several dozen sites, which currently exist, and which provide free online courses, and which anyone with a stable internet connection, can access.

    is an extremely popular portal at the moment, with a lot of courses. While Coursera focuses on courses similar to those at universities, Udemy rather offers courses taught by specialists, professionals and freelancers. Because of the plethora of teachers and the themes they offer are extremely varied. There are many free courses, but also a good part of the courses are paid.

  2. Coursera
    – one of the most popular education portals in the world at the moment, with over 7 million users studying over 600 courses. A good part of them are free, but many of them are also paid, especially if you want a certificate.

  3. Khan Academy
    is one of the most advanced educational portals and is probably the most popular in the whole world. Started as a simple Youtube channel where Salman Khan explained various concepts in mathematics, Khan Academy ended up being supported by major corporations and a lot of educational institutions that even use the platform as a teaching method. The courses available at Khan Academy can be considered a substitute for school. 100% free.

  4. Duolingo
    – learn English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Italian for free. It’s one of the most popular educational platforms for those who want to learn foreign languages. The method by which they teach is an extremely effective one. If you decide to learn through them, I recommend you practice daily, even for 5 minutes, because it will be easier for you. 100% free.

  5. LiveMocha
    – is a portal dedicated to those who want to learn foreign languages, ideal after going through the material on Duolingo.

  6. Stanford University Ecorner
    – the famous Stanford University offers over 3,000 free videos and podcasts about leadership, creativity and innovation, product development, entrepreneurship, career, finance, etc. 100% free of charge.

  7. Udacity
    – is an educational portal that includes free courses that are usually of a technical nature (data science, web development, programming). I recommend this site to all those who want to get the necessary bases especially in the technological sector. Some modules are free, others paid.

  8. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Video)
    – somehow, as in the same spirit as stanford, the famous MIT has made available over 12,000 free videos from fields that MIT is exploring. Almost all MIT content that is taught in college is available for free on
    the MIT OpenCourseWare
    section (3000 videos). 100% free.
  9. – is one of the veterans of online tutorials. The tutorials are in text form, but are extremely well structured and represent a solid foundation for anyone who wants to learn web programming languages. 100% free.

    – one of the most popular sites dedicated to programming. It’s also one of the most practical, being a kind of challenge-based W3Schools.

    – it is a super cool initiative from Americans through which they try to convince children to learn programming. They have an introductory module in programming, through which they teach you the basics of it and it is extremely fun. Although it is aimed at children, an adult who has never written a line of code can learn a few basic things. 100% free.

  12. Open Learn University
    – Over 600 free online courses on sports, technology, politics, law, finance, history, art, psychology, natural sciences and more. 100% free.

  13. Teaching Tree –
    is a platform for organizing educational content already present on the Internet. Basically, Teaching Tree is a kind of “center” where a lot of resources are gathered about computer science and programming. You have thousands of videos on technical concepts in the field of technology and programming. 100% free.

  14. Ted Ed
    is a collection of educational videos collected by editors. It is not an educational platform, but it has a lot of informative videos, very well documented and that can provide valuable information to those who are eager to learn. The cool part is that the videos also show links to various in-depth resources, so they can become extremely interesting starting points for research and study. 100% free.

  15. TED Talks
    – already very famous, TED talks are often extremely educational, with the TED Conference stages delivering speeches to scientists, celebrities, artists or simply people who have an idea that’s worth passing on. The speeches are structured around the following themes: Technology, Education and Design. 100% free.

  16. Entrepreneur Startup Guides
    – section dedicated to beginners in business, with articles, guides and videos on how to develop a business.

  17. CodeCombat
    – is a tutorial game through which you can learn JavaScript by programming a game.

  18. CodeAvengers
    is similar to CodeCombat only that is the address of all those who want to learn web programming (HMTL5, CSS3, JavaScript).

  19. Watch Mojo
    is more of an entertainment project, but it also has a section dedicated to education in which there are many interviews with popular authors. It is NOT an educational portal, but it can be an excellent source of information.

  20. Make Games With Us
    has some nice courses on App Development. Learn to make your own version of the well-known game: Flappy Bird.

  21. Open Yale Courses
    – Yale University offers several dozen free courses. They are very valuable, but honestly their “offer” is less generous than that of other top universities in the US. Either way, 100% free education.

    , it’s kind of an educational Pinterest if I can call it that. Basically, a lot of educational resources are gathered in the same place in the form of collections. It’s a pretty interesting and useful platform, but it kind of lacks a logical structure.

  23. BBC Learning
    – is the educational section of the (mega)BBC website. Fun fact: if you were to study all the content offered by BBC Learning, it would take you about 70 years :P.

  24. Mozilla Developer Network
    – the resource center of those who develop Firefox, ideal for both beginner and experienced developers.

  25. HTML5 Rocks
    – tutorials for developers exploring the fantastic possibilities of HTML5. The tutorials are written about top professionals from the most influential technology companies: Firefox, Google, etc.

  26. Academic Earth
    – free online courses in fields such as art, design, business, mathematics, natural sciences, etc.

  27. Self Growth
    is a platform similar to the Teaching Tree, but it gathers together resources about personal development.

  28. Academy Cube
    – dedicated to those who work or want to work with Big Data and Data Analysis. It is an educational and recruitment platform for those who want to explore these areas. If you wanted to learn all sorts of things that have to do with SAP, here’s the right place.

  29. Open SAP
    – the online course platform provided by the business solutions giant SAP

  30. RSA
    – those from RSA have made a furore on the Internet with the videos of the RSA Animate series. The folks at RSA (Royal Society of Arts) have a lot of highly educational speeches and presentations that are worth seeing, over 500 to be precise.

  31. The Higher Education Academy Resources Center
    – resources from academia from A to Z.

  32. BBC Languages
    – excellent if you want to learn foreign languages. The FOLKS at the BBC have a really great site. Unfortunately, their material has not been updated for a long time. Still, I’m glad they left their content still online.

  33. CreativeLive- live streams
    various courses or workshops, then sells the recordings. It can be extremely useful if you are willing to be online when they deliver a live course, that’s how you catch it for free.
  34. – – free online courses offered by the most prestigious universities around the world.

  35. ureddit
    – represents a collection of links structured in such a way that you get a basic education, and in some cases even advanced, about a lot of areas: programming, editing, directing, writing, etc.

  36. Iversity
    – a very similar concept Coursera. Lots of free and excellent online courses.

  37. 99percent
    – a kind of TED but more dedicated to those who work in design, web development, startups, artists, etc.

  38. Jorum
    – An archive of documents and resources from the academic field. A few thousand resources on quite specific topics.

  39. Berkeley University
    – videos and podcasts from lectures and presentations at the University of Berkeley

  40. Draw Space
    – if you want to learn how to draw, here are a lot of free tutorials on how to draw like a pro. A good part of the tutorials you find on Draw Space are paid, but I gave you a direct link to the section with the free ones.

  41. CNN’s Money 101
    is dedicated to those who want to expand their financial education. Other sites about financial education can be found here.

  42. Alison
    – free courses, on general topics. Teachers make money from advertising from what I understand, and users have free access to content.

  43. Memrise
    – a kind of Duolingo, but with greater emphasis on fun facts and the emphasis is on the memorization component.

  44. Sophia
    – a powerful portal with many free online courses from several areas of interest.

  45. NovoEd
    – a portal similar to coursera Coursera and Iversity. It also has a generous selection of free courses.

  46. European Schoolnet Academy
    – an educational platform addressed to those who teach

  47. Open 2 Study
    – Australian educational platform of great perspective, have a generous selection of free courses. The certification of the rates in return is for a fee.

  48. Complexity Explorer
    – belongs to the Santa-Fe institute and offers free courses on complexity science, dynamics and chaos

  49. Future Learn
    – an educational platform developed in collaboration with leading British universities

  50. France Universite Numerique (FUN)
    – educational platform in France that includes some quality online courses


As we can see quality education is available on the Internet for free.

Unfortunately, the big minus in this list is that it represents a list of resources that can only be used in English. If we want to have access to these “educational goodies”, the only method is to learn English, at least for now.

There are also some sites in Romanian, but due to the lack of content they propose and the way of presentation, were not included in this presentation.




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