The power of influencing thoughts, proven in a unique experiment!

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masaru_emotoDr. Masaru Emoto is well known worldwide for his experiences related to the study of the molecular structure of water, under the influence of human consciousness. Unfortunately, he passed away recently, in October 2014, at the age of 71.

His ideas have been exhibited in several books, his first book being “Messages Hidden in water”, published in 1999, but Emoto became more known after 2004 when he appeared in the documentary What the Bleep Do We Know!? (What the hell do we actually know!?)

Dr. Emoto found that frozen water in the form of crystals takes different forms when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed towards it. He also discovered that the water from the clear izovoarele and the one exposed to the words of love presents models of bright, beautiful crystals with a regular structure, while the rained, toxic water from industrial areas or the one exposed to negative thoughts forms asymmetrical patterns, distorted, in colors devoid of shine.

Similarly, the experiment presented in the short video excerpt shown below, comes to demonstrate the power of influencing our thoughts on the surrounding reality.

The experiment consisted of filling with water three containers containing rice. The first container received thanks every day, the second one was offended, and the latter was totally ignored. After a month, the rice in the first container, the one to whom thanks were brought, began to ferment, but at the same time it kept its natural texture and color. The rice in the second container blackened, and the one in the ignored container began to mold.

The implications of these researches give rise to a new awareness of how we become responsible for the thoughts we emit, thus being able to influence in a positive way the quality of life around us, as well as of our health.


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