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Clues to recognize an authentic spiritual master.

First, we must know that we could not, as students, accurately determine that someone is an authentic spiritual master.

This is because:

- charlatans can pretend very well

- only an authentic master can recognize an authentic master

- an authentic master may have a suitable image but may not have it, precisely because he is authentic and may not be concerned with the image at all

- an authentic master cannot be easily understood or may be incomprehensible in certain aspects that we could understand later.

We can be fooled but we can have, if not evidence, clues that suggest, at the very least, that we might have to deal with an authentic master. So we also need luck or a "good karma" to benefit from meeting such a man.


1. We feel it or, better said, we intuit it as being suitable for us, both on a deep, spiritual level, as well as on an intellectual and spiritual level.

2. Is able to convey the teachings. It required skill, many years of direct spiritual practical experience, humility in wisdom.

3. His teaching is nondualistic and does not promote dependence on something external , but explains that everything comes from the Self and is found in Himself, which he describes as an immortal and indivisible fiid.

4. Consider all human beings to be essentially equal.

5. He observes himself a moral and ethical code based on the fundamental yogic virtues - Yama and Niyama.

6. It reveals selfishness, pride, the luciferic or demoniac inner perspective and promotes authentic humility.

7. Respect people at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

8. He is motivated to teach teaching from the aspiration to help people and not for money, power, sex or the desire to "be special" (there is nothing wrong with having something to live in the process, but here it is about the primary motivation).

9. Neither he nor his teaching contradict each other conjuncturalally.

That is, the teaching is coherent - "it binds", its deeds are according to the teaching, not "one is said and another is done".

10. It is able to spiritually inspire people through presence, actions, words full of wisdom and humor.

11. It is humble and modest. This does not exclude that sometimes it is severe, because it can sometimes be necessary.

12. It promotes detachment as an essential spiritual quality that provides the ultimate freedom and its non-observance of slavery and spiritual fall.

13. Maybe say "I don't know" if this is necessary.

14. He is able to distinguish a good teaching from a less good one and an authentic master from a charlatan.

15. They do not consider sexuality and relationships with people of the opposite sex impure by themselves but by the way in which people relate to them and live sexuality.

16. We find that he cannot afford to be selfish, gruff, that he controls his inferior emotions and does not cultivate them.

17. He is indignant and recognizes the manifestation of people's abuses against other people and actively does something, perhaps even hard, for the manifestation of the Good.

18. Manifest an obvious love and spirit of sacrifice.

19. Always give the disciple full freedom to stay or leave his school.

20. Encourage the disciple to forge a direct relationship with God.

22. Encourages volunteering for the benefit of the community, society or the good of our planet.

23. Teaching is not a disguised form of ego development, nor only of personal development (there is nothing wrong with personal development, only that it is not spiritual transformation).

24. Appreciate all authentic spiritual paths and authentic masters.

25. He is devoid of personal interests, given to God with all his being.

26. He does not lead his students "at his feet" but "at God's feet"".

"Very few people know what a Master really is. Some have read books that tell unthinkable stories: a Master is perfect, omniscient, almighty... He doesn't need to eat, drink, sleep... He is safe from all temptations and, above all, spends all his time performing miracles.
A Master, you must know, is like all other people:he has the same organs that make him feel the same needs and desires. And if you cut off a piece of his flesh, you'll see that his blood will flow red like everyone else!! The difference is that in a Master consciousness is much more vast than in most people:he has an ideal, superior points of view and, above all, has reached a perfect self-control. Obviously, for this you need a very long time and a gigantic activity; therefore no one can become a Master in one incarnation."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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