How do we recognize a good astrologer?

How do we recognize a good astrologer?

Actually… that could be good.

1. Present astrological influences as inclinations or tendencies and not as events.


2. Present life as a string of permanent possibilities ,

inspired or uninspired decisions related to us

and heavy or easy spiritual tests, not as an inexorable fate “written in the stars.”


3. It tells man that it can be
and how it can be free from these influences
through its essential soul or self.

As we primarily learn how to make clothes, shoes, houses and cars to be independent of the weather

and only in particular – in agriculture or when we really need to work or move outside

– we carefully study the meteorological bulletin.


4. Don’t say that an astrological aspect is unfavorable

but wisely presents how man can transform alchemically

something that’s not in the direction of its aspirations

in something that is in the direction of his aspirations.


5. It seeks to cancel out the impression of a slave to the influences of the fields of the heavenly objects that usually appear.

He explains that man’s decisions are, in fact, free,
not “written in the stars”

and it is up to man to decide wisely,

no matter what the “astrological weather” is like.


6. In the end he explains the precious methods

through which he can capitalize in his life the knowledge of the passing astrological influences.

Without these methods, astrological knowledge becomes a diverse fact

what serves curiosity

but often it also serves to program or self-program destructive mentally.


7. Explain, in the case of the couple chart , that love (but true love, not declared)

is superior to any apparent mismatches in the chart and that

even these can be for the two real trampolines to happiness

if they turn them into opportunities for evolution, being supported by love.


8. It also explains that the wonderful astrological matches in the couple chart are not inexorable

– that is, they do not need to compromise because they have these matches.

One can give up the relationship if necessary and that they do not take the place of love.


9. He does not take “for granted” everything he has read in books but presents the information with a certain caution and humility,

for, after all, all that an astrologer knows is usually from others who know from others,

without being able to verify all the details presented.

So there can be many truths mixed with untruths that can, however, be arranged coherently.


10. He gives up his personal image for the good of man (in fact he will not even lose it) and transmits it to him

that this science – astrology has its importance
but it is less important to the science and practice of awakening consciousness.


Leo Radutz,

founder of the Abheda system,

the initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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