Boddhisattva-shii, exemplary spiritual beings

The Boddhisattva-sii are exemplary spiritual beings who perform their spiritual training not for their own good, but for the good of all beings in the Universe.

Thus they seek to transform themselves spiritually, first of all on them. If they don’t transform, they won’t be able to help anyone transform.

At the same time, they make spiritual efforts to help others and to train them in an ascending spiral of spiritual evolution more and more accelerated. They do this, however, in full respect and love of all beings in the Universe.


This doctrine is found especially in Tibet and is also related to the exceptional real legend (!) of the mythical realm of Shambala or Shangri-la.

MORE about the perspective of the Boddhisattva applied to modern times HERE.


Boddhisattva Practices

*we can also apply in the middle of life at least some of them

  • to aspire to the Supreme Liberation;
  • not to commit evil deeds;
  • to trust a GURU and to love Him as a spiritual friend;
  • to seek refuge in the Triple Jewel: BUDDHA, DHARMA and SANGHA;
  • to renounce any attachment of this life in favor of spiritual evolution;
  • to abandon the objects for which your desire grows, perceiving them as unreal;
  • to listen carefully to spiritual teachings, to reflect and meditate day and night on them;
  • to give up the bad entourages;
  • to give up your happiness in favor of the happiness of others;
  • to be compassionate towards those who steal you, hit you or are ungrateful to you;
  • to praise full of love the qualities of the one who slanders you;
  • to be calm in front of the one who reveals in public a mistake of yours, which you hid, and to transfigure him into a Supreme GURU;
  • to respect (but not to follow him!) as his own GURU the one, who, although equal to you, or even obviously inferior, despises you and tries to discredit and humiliate you;
  • to take upon yourself, even when you yourself are at the hard, the evil actions of all beings, and to suffer their consequences;
  • to be modest when you are appreciated, thus seeing the fruits of karma as not having the real substance;
  • to discipline the mind through Love and Compassion;


  • to address unfavourable circumstances as illusory;
  • to practice generosity (DANA PARAMITA) without waiting for any reward or fruit of karma;
  • to respect moral norms and self-imposed covenants (SHILA PARAMITA), for the good of all living beings;
  • to be perfectly patient (KSHANTI PARAMITA) without having for anyone any irritation or resentment;
  • to make consistent efforts to amplify your inner energy (VIRYA PARAMITA) which is the source of all qualities for the good of all living beings;
  • to meditate (DHYANA PARAMITA) to remove all obstacles (KLESHA) from the Path to Supreme Liberation;
  • to have a just vision (PRAJNA PARAMITA) perceiving the subject of the action, its object and the action itself as lacking a real existence;
  • to objectively examine your shortcomings and mistakes in order to completely separate yourself from them for the good of all living beings;
  • to renounce vulgar, coarse language, harsh words, gossips and chatter for the good of all living beings;
  • never to criticize others and not to speak of their faults for the good of all living beings;
  • to always be ATTENTIVE to the situation you are going through and to the reaction it awakens in you, aiming to correct your conduct for the good of all living beings;
  • to consecrate the merits of the spiritual efforts necessary for the attainment of supreme liberation and the annulment of the suffering of all living beings;
  • to obtain Spiritual Enlightenment (BODDHICHITTA) to help all living beings achieve Supreme Liberation.
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