About Moksha – the liberation and the Maya – the illusion

Liberation is not a place, it does not exist in paradise, on earth, or in the spirit world. Freedom does not exist somewhere in time and space, in a certain place, it can only exist now, in the present moment!

Moksha (freedom, liberation) represents the state of non-ego, where the “I” volatilizes, and the self becomes free of any desires, their actions and consequences in a state of total consciousness.

We are bound to this material world by attachments, desires, and by the inability to see or experience the whole Exherence. Maya (cosmic illusion) represents the psychological separation between the ego and the universe and also the psychological filter that colors our experiences. Maya is made up of our memories, beliefs, judgments, conceptions and imprints on the present a distorted sense of reality. These impressions, which belong to past experiences, are projected over the experiences of the present creating a false reality. Maya is the one who strengthens the ego, feeds the attachments and defines our individual “story”, of who we think we are and of our relationship with the outside world.

To achieve moksa (release), it is necessary to detach ourselves from the maya, the anava (eg0) must be dissolved, and the attachment to pleasure and aversion to pain, must be overcome. Moksa occurs spontaneously when we become completely absorbed in the sensations of a thoughtless experience. This “taste” of total absorption is frequent and also fleeting.

Through the practice of yoga, we will seek to create the instruments with which we will consciously and willfully “pierce the tide” Mayei, and we will see the transcendent nature of reality (consciousness). These tools include Karma Yoga, or action yoga, Bhakty Yoga, or yoga of devotion, absolute discernment or Jnana Yoga and immersion in meditation or Raja Yoga.

The most important tool that yoga can give us on the path of liberation (moksha) is consciousness.
By using awareness, we will be able to perceive the projections, desires, attachments and judgments of our mind. Once we become aware of these factors of distortion, we will create the premises for their dissolution and unlocking the way to a direct experience of reality. When we become liberated from the illusory world of Mayei, we are able to be in yoga, that is, to be united with the Supreme Self Atman, and with the unity of all life forms – Brahman.

Source: http://www.yogabasics.com/learn/moksha-and-maya/

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