How long do we have until liberation?

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Leo Radutz
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Leo Radutz
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Two yogis meditated in the shade of a tree that had a very rich crown.
After a while, one of them, a little tired, said to the other:
- I wonder about how long we have until liberation...
Suddenly, to their astonishment, God manifested himself for them by a luminous form and said to them:
- Because you have shown aspiration and consistency in your meditations, I will tell you right now how much time you have left until the Liberation.

You, the one who asked, know that you have three more lives.

- Ah, Lord, three more lives of tapas and effort...
Oh, I was hoping that this life would be the last...
Then the Divine Voice continues and says to the second:
- Do you see how many leaves are in this tree?
Now, that's about as many lives as you're going to have until Liberation.
Not at all disturbed by the answer received, the second yogi said:
- Thank You, Lord, that I have time to be perfected, to transform myself,
thank You for giving me the Grace to exist
and to adore You and Your entire Creation still so many lives!

"My dear ones," the Divine Voice said to them at the time,
know that in reality this was a spiritual test for you.
You - he told the first one - you even have three more lives.
but you - he told the second - you will free yourself right now,
for you have already understood the eternal happiness of life.

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