AN ASTOUNDING THIRST FOR GOD! (testimony from the Relay Meditation)

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We present you a wonderful testimony (what he wants to remain anonymous) from the meditation of the relay in which the person has mainly made a devotional approach.
It refers to an exceptional state of dissolution of the human personality, limited and ephemeral in the Supreme Being, as even the Gospels are said
The kingdom of God is in you“, or
perfect and double inclusion
I am in the Father, and the Father is in me.” – Socrates
It is not – in any case _ the luciferic “blasphemy” of assuming an awkward divine identity of the fleeting man, but the experience of the deep Truth – when the divine Spark appears, the limited mind and personality completely disappear, and all that remains is the identity with Him – the One… And yes, from the bottom of our hearts we hope that next time it will be more prepared – so as not to be frightened by the dissolution of the little self in the Infinite.comment by Leo Radutz)

A night for which I prepared as I knew better and started …

The posture of meditation, centering, step by step awareness; a wonderful process that I enjoy with every millimeter of my body, of my mind.
Everything is ready for great celebration; I can compare with Christmas – christmas tree, cake, carols, the pure white of the snow, the joy of the moment.
And yes, with God’s Will and without being able to say that I did it myself – a miracle happened!

This time it was not me who felt Peace, Love, Silence, Boundlessness, Harmony, Fulfillment, this time they were just states that I could only call.
Intense experiences, in timelessness, of space, of the subject (I-s).
JUST FEELINGS, more than enough.

And the state of GOD… unexpectedly.

Wonderful, but this time it took very little time, because my mind started screaming desperately. A lot of thoughts, in a very short time, came over me.
“What stupidity! How can you cut such a blasphemy? Who are you to claim that? You went crazy!! Come back!”
And after such a “tropaiala”, what to say, fear arose. I took a deep breath, concentrating in the storm created on the center of my being, knowing for sure that this is how I would reancorate myself.
And yes, with God’s help I succeeded and began to enjoy this time the vision of some gorgeous colors that amazed me!
Thank you Lord and I will continue with faith and patience until next time, when – I say – I will surely be more prepared…”

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