Abheda yoga for more efficient use of time

  • Time is a limitation, but it can also be an advantage because it helps us to better understand transformation, to consciously assume it and, to the extent possible and necessary, to control it.
    For this, it is necessary to have a triple inner attitude.
    In order:
    A. reporting on identification with the Atman Immortal Self or the “Observer” in our body,
    B. the state of “being” – the germs of Sat – pure existence,
    C. the present moment that is related to the scalar time – the unisens iveof of this energy of consciousness.
  • Meditation of communion with the Great Divine Power of Time and Transformation Kali transforms us and gives us the opportunity to control and transcend the energy of time.
  • It takes tact, kindness and love in the interaction with time. Discernment is necessary, and he is related to the level of consciousness.
  • Consciousness towards the course of time is an outlet of consciousness that can deepen, feeling the energy of time more and more concretely.
    Time is thus our friend. His awareness can have flavor. Therefore, it is to be avoided to always be “blown”. It is not wise to cultivate an attitude of “struggle with time”.
    It is good to allow enough time to carry out an activity so that we do not have to act rashly.
  • Energy must not be wasted without meaning, but tactfully and without manifesting an obsession, we cultivate the orientation of our energy in the directions we follow and thus buy time.
  • We generate and maintain a set of priorities at all times. This action is one of the best tools for making time efficient.
  • We make a list of things we have to do and consult it every day in the morning to set priorities and in the evening to evaluate the daily “opera”. The mobile phone can be a very beneficial tool here.
  • We grow a way to keep notes because they are often useful later.
  • We evaluate our lives in general and its various particular cases and determine if we carry karmic burdens that do not belong to us. We entrust to other people tasks that do not belong to us.
  • We ask others for help with the karmic tasks that belong to us if we honestly realize that we need help.
  • It is absolutely necessary to say “NO” tactfully, but firmly whenever it is necessary– both our ego and others. This ability once won will have fundamental consequences for our spiritual evolution.
  • We aim to help other beings as they need and as possible, first of all through our own becoming, becoming more and more “a gift” to others and giving this “gift” in a detached and unconcerned way.
    However, even if the demands of others can be perfectly justified, we must love ourselves. “Love your neighbor as yourself” also means “to love yourself as your neighbor.”
    We risk being a super-busy person wanting to always please others and block or slow down the fulfillment of our own dharma or spiritual purpose.
  • We consult trusted people about how we use our time and energy. We almost always have the surprise to find that from the outside we see with great ease aspects of obvious practical value.
  • We perseveringly cultivate the inner and outer order, without giving up spontaneity and without becoming mechanics.
  • It is wise to avoid the tendency of unjustified perfectionism. Only God can create something perfect. The human state is usually characterized by limitation.
  • We identify and use larger time units to perform important tasks.
  • Frequent interruptions usually lead to waste of time, so it’s good to avoid them as much as possible. The ability to continue our long-term focus, however, is also our mental strength and, where appropriate, the pleasure of doing so.
  • Self-discipline is important for the efficient use of time including here the abandonment of small soul, the non-acceptance of self-indulgence and the firm control of instinctual and egotistical tendencies.
  • We divide large tasks into small elements (especially when dealing with difficult or unpleasant things) – the realization of each
    element is a boost to the realization of the others and is the key to the realization of even the most gigantic projects.
  • Taking care of the way we spend our time doesn’t mean always being obsessed or stressed about it. We aim to preserve spontaneity and authenticity as an exceptional treasure of our existence in the physical body.
  • We save a time for relaxation every day and weekly.
    It is exceptionally beneficial for our own evolution to devote one day a week to spiritual evolution and transformation. As a rule very suitable for this on Sundays – but it does not necessarily have to be this day.
    It could be any one.
    Although it seems a lot, the existence of such a day will not only not affect our material accumulations or the evolution of our external projects, but will even spur them.

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