Chinnamasta like a lightning bolt

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Chinnamasta like a lightning bolt

Tapas testimony - Maria, Abheda Yoga student, 6th year

What was Tapas made for?

Working with MPD Chinnamasta for a lightning-fast spiritual evolution

How many days did it take and how much time per day?

With yantra and Ananta 7 days, with mantra for another 7 days, 15 minutes a day

Effects during or after the end of tapas:

We had some important tests, both in the spring spiritual camp and in the family.
More acutely was the test I had to take towards my daughter, related to my spiritual aspiration and the time she thinks I am taking for it.
They came with such speed towards me that I had to pay attention to them on the spot and solve them right then, although another time I would have loaded myself with the courage to do so, maybe in a longer time. Or maybe not at all.
I feel that working with Chinnamasta was very helpful to me, otherwise I would start all over again.
The tests culminated in making important decisions in my spiritual evolution.

Other important details

In year 5, when I first made contact with MPD Chinnamasta, I avoided working with her because of her "reputation" of "fast forward" or "now".
I always thought I wasn't ready enough to do something to transform myself.
But each time I found that life was taking me forward and eventually I would remain repetitive in terms of transformation.
At least so, I consider that "I did it with my own hand", but in a good sense.


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution




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