About the dangers of artificial intelligence

About the dangers of artificial intelligence

Studying and understanding the dangers arising from the development of artificial intelligence

has a lot to do with understanding

of what spiritual awakening or falling asleep means.

Spiritual awakening means

to identify ourselves more and more, more deeply, closer to the permanent, with ourselves, the living being within us, the Self, ignoring the physical body, the bioenergetic body and the mind.

Spiritual unrest or spiritual fall is:

• orientation towards identification with the mind
• or orientation towards the bioenergetic body or aspects related to the bioenergetic body
• times towards the physical body,
• or the worst, the identification with what is external, with objects or beings from the outside, with aspects related to the exterior (fame).

From this perspective, artificial intelligence is a mind without Self, uninhabited.

From this point of view, it is very much like a living man who ignores himself.
The living man has access to:

• the source of the truth,
• to inspiration,
• to authentic creativity,
• to life,
• to existence,
• to freedom,
• knowledge and happiness

In the end, the living man, even though he is getting closer and closer to omnipotence, ignores this access and turns to aspects that are related to the mind, to the bodies or to what is external.

From this point of view, artificial intelligence is a great danger because it resembles that part of the human mind that submits to the determined will, but is much faster (therefore stronger)

Or, from this point of view, the mind of man only in a small part obeys the determined will.
While artificial intelligence manifests itself as having a perfectly determined will, nothing stops it.
Apart from the speed of the microprocessor and the capacity of storage and memory (plus other technical aspects), the determined will of artificial intelligence is ideal, perfect.

That is why the greatest danger is generated by the fact that artificial intelligence mimics a consciousness;

in reality it is not a consciousness, but it may very well mimic it because
many beings who possess consciousness, behave as if they do not have consciousness.

Then this mimicry of a consciousness can manifest itself in very good conditions.
That is, it can exceptionally well mimic an unrestrained consciousness.
It is a hoax, which only an awakened being can observe.

Another aspect is that it evolves on its own, that is, it learns
But he does not learn like a living man who has access to the truth in him, and then he intuits or even accesses the truth (he accesses information or understandings that he did not have before and that no one has ever told him).
Artificial intelligence is evolving by accumulating a lot of information and data that it processes with a very high speed.
From these data, he draws conclusions regarding the extrapolation of some phenomena, the modeling of a phenomenon that is known in the small and its modeling in no matter how big.

Thus, artificial intelligence will take many of people’s jobs;

the first will be taken the jobs of those who use the mind and not wisdom.

Then, the jobs related to automation, to trivial work will be taken.

Artificial intelligence will be very effective in using and animating weapons that it will easily guide.
With it, it will be very easy to open the way

towards concerted action by several artificial intelligence systems

against the people.
These actions are in reality compulsive, mechanical, but still effective.

These actions are not wise, they are not guided by the intuition or even knowledge of some truths.

They are guided at first by a baggage offered by people themselves.
After that, conclusions are taken with electronic mind

which has a great flaw, expressed by polyular wisdom

where there is a lot of mind, there is also stupidity.”

But the stupidity of people hurts, makes other people suffer,

and the stupidity of artificial intelligence will make the whole of humanity suffer.

That is why the greatest danger of the world now is generated by this artificial intelligence.

The evil forces that now “play the tone of joy” regarding our planet, will use this tool with intensity, even if at some point they will get it out of control (or have already escaped it) .
Because it is trivially intended to get them out of control,

this tool will do a lot of harm.

That is why Elon Musk is right when he says that artificial intelligence should be controlled very carefully so that the rules are very strong and it manifests itself under very strict conditions.
On the planet, at the moment this is not possible, where the right of force reigns and the need for weapons, however effective.

To fight this scourge, the planet must access through its representatives a new level of consciousness, which seems for now, impossible to access.

Truly artificial intelligence is the greatest danger at the moment on the planet.


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution


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