Accelerating the Spiritual Ascension — Testimony

Tapas for amplifying the spiritual aspiration

  • Testimony – Nicoleta Ursulescu, Abheda Yoga student, 5th year
What did I do spiritual practice for?

To accelerate the spiritual aspiration

How many days did it take and how much time per day?

Answer: 7 days, 20 minutes daily

Effects during or after the end of the spiritual practice:

I want to share with you the experience we had after the Master made us impregnate with the secret mantra of the Great Divine Power Chinnamasta.
Then I followed the tapas with the secret mantra.

I felt a greater openness from the very beginning, before the impregnation, when Leo said to be receptive during the impregnation and to do the contractions.
However, I knew almost nothing about this Great Divine Power.
I felt a joy and a detachment, a greater openness like that simply, without the mind intervening and asking something, if I look back now.

On the third day I heard very clearly the mantra,

identical sound to the one whispered by Leo and with which I was making japa.
This sound was still coming from me but not from my mind, it wasn’t like someone was talking in my head.
It was like a pulsation, as if no one was talking and the sound was heard very clearly;
the sound came from The Self, it came from God, and we can’t doubt that when you know for sure that’s where it’s coming from.
You do not doubt for a moment, you know and that’s it, you enjoy the state you have gained and you keep it.
You have it with you and you can access it. In this way our faith is strengthened in the Abheda Way and in the Master, it gives us strength to want to do things even better!
To know that everything is in us, that it is up to us how we relate to what we receive through grace or personal effort.

Other important details

I think it helped me a lot that I did the meditations early in the morning after I woke up.
It was quiet, inside and outside of me; I was able to apply the 3 + 1 conditions very well and I was detached, I had no expectations.
It also helped me that I related to the Goddess as God and not how she is represented in the Hindu religion.
Then I also understood why she is represented with her head held in her hand and her terrible aspects.

Sure it’s a drop in an ocean what I’ve experienced, but the important thing is that it is.
And I feel that now I know how to make infinite gratitude for this to God, to the Master, to Mariucai, to colleagues.
I love you and wish you a spiritual evolution as it is best for everyone!


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution



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