The amazing power of a hug!

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“It is said that a warm hug prolongs your life by a day!” – Paolo Coelho

How many times have we not felt better, after embracing someone we love?

Hugging can be considered a universal drug.
It has the ability to heal and alleviate suffering. Hugging reduces tension arterial and prevents attacks of panic, and helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol. What is it the explanation? During oxytocin is released to the hug, or the love hormone.

“Millions and millions of years and still not i would could give half the time enough time to describe that small moment of eternity when you put on your arms around me and I I put arms around yours.” says Jacques Prevert.

Hugging can it meant a small, banal gesture done only on half or out of habit, a gesture on which of often we take it for grantedhowever , this small gesture can work wonders great for everyone of us. Is so easy to hug and get toand hugged! You just need to open your heart . Try to grant a hug if the one of next to you needs it. A hug can be a consolation, a comfort , or it can bring hope to those around us.

The amazing power of a hug
The amazing power of a hug

When we hug, our hearts come into contact. The distance between people shrinks , and the same and the distance between the hearts. We feel more alive and human, we manage to give and receive love . Then when we embrace it we do with all sincerity and wholeheartedly for no particular reason, and the result can be just amazing.

If so far you will not-you have convinced that of hug a other person can be a wonderful thing, and the amazing power of a hug, we present you below some of the benefits Hugs

  • Embracing improves our mood and lowers our stress levels. The researchers concluded that people who have been embraced by their partners, have lower levels of cortisol, a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands under stressful conditions. This hormone decreased significantly when you participated in that study, they were embraced for a minimum of 20 seconds. A high level of cortisol can cause blood pressure and blood sugar levels to rise.
  • Embracing reduces blood pressure, thus having a beneficial effect on the heart, preventing the onset of certain heart diseases. Recent studies have shown that during the embrace there is a significant release of oxytocin, the hormone of attachment and love, the one that determines the feeling of affection and intimacy towards someone. It is also oxytocin that plays an essential role in the relationship between mother and child, creating a unique and very strong bond between the two.
  • Embracing has a calming effect, having the role of regulating the heartbeat. Thus, the heart rate of those who hug is reduced by 5-10 beats per minute. Another study conducted in 2000 shows that babies who were hugged while undergoing certain blood tests cried less and had a more regular heart rhythm than those who were not embraced.
  • The habit of embracing a person and gently rubbing his back facilitates the circulation of blood to vital organs, thus helping to prevent heart attacks.

Next the amazing power of a hug offers:

  • Embracing also has a positive stimulating effect on the nervous system, being often used as a therapeutic technique by many psychologists.
  • During the embrace, other beneficial chemicals are naturally released, dopamine being one of them. Dopamine is a substance secreted by the brain, responsible for the well-being and good mood of a person.

At the end we present you the conclusions of a study conducted at the University of Arkansas about the amazing benefits of hugs:


makes us feel good
dispels the feeling of loneliness
helps us overcome our fears
helps us build self-esteem
favors altruism
controls the appetite
… lowers blood pressure
helps us fight insomnia
confirms our physical existence
… decreases the risk of heart disease
helps to lower the level of cortisol, especially in the case of women
regulates the production of hemoglobin
provides a healthy and safe alternative to alcohol and drugs
… conveys the feeling of ‘ belonging
… Effects Hugging takes place even and then when the hug ceases. Physical improvements and emotional on that embracing brings them to the body it takes longer than the hug itself
helps relieve physical pain
hug heals


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