Full Moon in Capricorn July 13 – maturation in accord with the soul

Full Moon in Capricorn – July 13, 21:37 – Romania time

The Moment of full moon on Wednesday, July 13, 2022, at 21:37 is formed on the axis Cancer – Capricorn, at the 21st degree activating the axis VI – XII – axis of health, service and sacrifice.

Since Capricorn governs the bone system, especially the knees, elbows, joints, tendons and skin, from a medical point of view everything you do for these areas in the 2 to 3 days of the Transit of the Moon through Capricorn, has a double effect, preventive and therapeutic (starting tuesday at noon, July 12 to Thursday at noon, July 14 ) with exception of surgical operations in this area.

The demand of the skeleton and especially the knees can be easily felt during this period and those with weakened meniscus should not make too much effort. Instead, we can improve the condition of other bones and joints during these days through light stretching exercises.
Also, these days are suitable for any kind of skin care and for treatments specific to skin diseases
. (
The Power of the Moon Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe).



that is, from Wednesday, July 13, 03:27 until Thursday, July 15, 15:27!

This period of influence represents the tolerance of ± 8 degrees of the aspect of opposition between the Sun and the Moon.

What is good to avoid during this period:

It is unwise to make love during the period of the nefarious influence of the Full Moon!

During the amorous act, due to the deep auric fusion and dilation between the two lovers, there is a very great possibility to take, unconsciously, the negative vibrations existing in the environment.

It has been found that those couples who do not comply with this prohibition, face more often with awkward problems and tensions, who often have no motivation, that is, exacerbate the manifestation of jealousy, possessive tendencies, claims and sometimes states of verbal, mental or even physical violence.

Tripura Sundari – Monday, July 11, 2022

48 hours before the astral moment of the Full Moon, the day of Tripura Sundari takes place.
It is a particularly special day, when the influence of this energy is extremely beneficial on our planet.
This month, the day of Tripura Sundari takes place on the date of
11 July, with the maximum moment at 21:37.

It’s a privileged day, being called the day of universal beauty and harmony

*Tripura Sundari symbolizes the Great Cosmic Power of divine beauty, harmony and love.

It is the day when we can temper our selfish urges and ambitions by becoming aware of our true aspirations.

It is a day worth dedicating to love, art, beauty, actions full of dedication.
For those who are in a couple relationship it is a privileged moment in which they can carry out the secret maithunaprocess .

The influence of the Moon is manifested primarily on the liquids in the body, respectively on the psyche.
It is precisely for this reason that lunar symbolism is related to the subconscious, to the water, to the sensitivity, the responsiveness, the adaptability, the instinct. Surgical operations are not indicated during this period and there is an increased risk of bleeding!

During the Full Moon period most people tend towards instinctual behavior.

This drastically affects decision-making power, discernment.
It is also one of the reasons why it is not recommended to make decisions on the Full Moon.
These can be either hasty, or the result of the influence of the environment and of the different people with whom we interfere, respectively of the last events that impressed us (and are still on the “surface” in our subconscious).

Specific astrological aspects:

Wednesday, July 13, 21:37, Romania time marks the moment of
Full Moon in Capricorn on axis VI – XII – an axis of work, health, duty and sacrifice.

The moment of the full moon r
eprezinta a peak, a “harvest” of what we started as a plan, project or idea at the time of the New Moon in Capricorn on January 2, 2022; now we see the results of those actions, thoughts or projects.

=> On a general level, a Full Moon in Capricorn will ask us to discover a balance between:
Sun (our consciousness, vital force, personality) from Cancer
and the Moon
(our subconscious, emotional energy, psyche) from Capricorn

Or in other words, between:

the need for emotional safety, protection, family, home, homeland, physical and emotional food, typical of Cancer

versus the need to ensure a stability in the physical and material plane, social identity, socio-professional responsibilities, duty, authority, improvement typical of Capricorn.

=> On a personal level

, with the help of this Full Moon in Capricorn we will be able to see if we manage to keep in balance:

  • our emotional aspect with our role or social character
  • concerns about home, family and family responsibilities with concern for society and social and professional responsibilities
  • inner, spiritual purpose with external purpose

When we lack this balance we will tend to one of the 2 extremes:

either we will do excesses through work, seeking social and external fame and recognition ignoring the emotional or spiritual plane

either we will not be able to discover our social identity, not knowing our talents, abilities or aspirations, thus losing the chance to fulfill our external purpose.

Also from the lack of this balance we tend to be either:

  • too drastic and intransigent with us, cold and tough, being set only on the idea of succeeding at any cost, ignoring our own feelings
  • or we tend to be very sensitive and emotional, unhinged, fearful, dependent and strongly influenced by the external environment.

=> At the external level

, we achieve this balance when we assume an active role in our own family, when we have a mission and personal responsibilities; when we do things for our soul, but that we combine with our mission and our external role, with social and professional responsibilities.

=> At the inner level

we can achieve this balance when we harmoniously combine in our own being the need for protection, gentleness, forgiveness, understanding towards ourselves with the need to have the consciousness of our own identity and external direction, manifesting courage, trust, assertiveness, discipline and perseverance in what we want to achieve.

If we don’t have this alignment between

who we are on the inside, our emotional needs with whom we choose to be on the outside and social responsibilities,

this Full Moon in Capricorn will highlight everything we have not been able to solve so far.

Everything that is not right in our lives vis-à-vis:

  • the relationship with the family, with the house or the place where we live
  • matters of physical and emotional safety and protection or love and self-respect
  • the connection with our image and impact through our profession
  • the power to impose our authority when needed or to take responsibility
  • the power to do our duty, to feel fulfillment through what we do

it can now come to the surface in a much more obvious way, hard to ignore.

With the Moon in Capricorn

, an earth sign, cardinal, under Saturnian rule, a sign in which the Moon is practically exiled,

→ expressing emotions is diminished

→ this moment of full moon can represent a real moment of maturation on all levels and of amplifying the aspect of consciousness, inviting us to growth and empowerment, to assume our own life.

But with the

Sun in Cancer

, a water sign, feminine, receptive, under Lunar government,

→ whatever we assume now needs to be sustained and in accordance with our own emotions, with our soul, with our basic

everything we do needs to be with love, with understanding, with a firm gentleness, but aligned with spiritual goals.

The “scene”

that hosts this Full Moon

is the axis VI – XII – so the areas of our life where the energy of the full moon is manifested are:

  • work and the ability to serve, to put ourselves in the service of something or someone
  • our physical and mental health
  • daily routine and habits
  • our fears or vulnerabilities
  • our spiritual emergencies

It is an axis of sacrifices and limitations, so we deduce that this full moon can bring lessons aimed at physical and spiritual purification.
We are asked to approach life in a holistic, integrative way.
Let’s combine both the practical, the material, the work, the health, the daily tasks with the emotional part, the personal, the spiritual aspirations.
Being an axis of health, our inner conflicts will also manifest themselves physically.
We can somatize more easily and the affections generated will bear the imprint of our own possibilities or powerlessness.
Working to ensure our stability and emotional mental control and our body will respond in a beneficial way.
Silence, meditation, working with ourselves will be the right recipe in the next period.
But we need to assume this “recipe” with determination and perseverance, not only when we have the mood or the time.

A daily spiritual practice during this period,

to discipline our mind and physical body, to help us overcome certain infirmities by


breathing prayer meditation will be an instrument that can help us overcome our limits.

Any practice that amplifies the level of consciousness will be useful to us.

With the Full Moon in Capricorn in the XII house, in a karmic sector, we meet both with our successes and with our failures, it is the home of our hidden enemies, of our fears and vulnerabilities, of our limitations, realizing the fact that when we let ourselves be prey to fears and fears we become our own “enemy”, we sabotage ourselves.

We need:

  • to let go of old mental patterns, limiting beliefs or behaviors that no longer support us
  • to give up the posture of the victim
  • to take responsibility for our own lives by understanding that

everything we live outside is just a reflection of who we are on the inside.

With or without our will, light is made in our own subconscious.
We can see more clearly our fear, our fear, our complexes and our infirmities, the consequences of our past actions.
We can realize that they can be transcended as long as we realize that we are not alone and that God is working through us every moment.
That is why we can pray so that God will multiply in us patience, understanding and forgiveness.
The important thing is that we are able to use them both for our benefit and for our “neighbor”.

Humility will be extremely precious in the next period.

This Full Moon in Capricorn is in conjunction with Pluto intensifying our emotional reactions beyond our conscious control, especially where we feel that we lack the strength to change certain things.
opposition to Mercury in Cancer it can amplify subjectivism and misunderstandings creating confusion, anxiety, indecision and a lack of lucidity or discernment.
That is why it is not recommended to negotiate important contracts, radical decisions or debates on too sensitive topics.

Support comes from Uranus of Taurus

asking us to get out of our comfort zone, to be enterprising, giving up old patterns of thinking, embracing new solutions, thoughts and ideas no matter how nonconformist or atypical.
Let’s think “outside the box” open to proposals, people, relationships, new information that can open up new perspectives for us.
Neptune of Pisces he also supports this Full Moon reminding us to keep our faith in the soul, to be connected to intuition,

to be grateful for what we have and not dissatisfied with what we lack,

but at the same time to be compassionate and understanding both towards ourselves and towards the reality of each person in our lives, because everyone carries their own tests or challenges.

In conclusion


this Full Moon in Capricorn empowers us if
=> we assume those roles that we have run away from so far, which cause us to mature, to assume the past without judgment but with the firm determination to learn from its precious lessons.
We can access the hypostasis of “architect” of our own life as long as we realize that our life is truly stable only when we take into account our divine origin.


Written by Virginia Olteanu – astrologer

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