How do we acquire authentic Knowledge - that is, the opposite of ignorance?

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How do we acquire authentic Knowledge - that is, the opposite of ignorance?

Knowledge means experiencing absolute Truth and truth about every aspect of our lives.

In the west, knowledge has more of a theoretical asepct, mostly ignoring the fact that, in fact, knowledge is the process by which the connoisseur (we) come into contact with an aspect and that is generally an identification.

In the Knower Triplet (The Self)

Knowledge has:

- a theoretical aspect (bauddha jnana), and

- a practical aspect (paurusha jnana)

Both are essential and complementary to get closer to the Truth and

the tendency of many to consider knowledge as merely theoretical is an illusory perspective.

1. A first level is identification with what is external to our body.
That is, nature, people, other beings, money, property, cars, etc.

2. Identification with the physical body, when we consider the physical body as all or all that is more important
(for example, most athletes, dancers or some of the women who predominantly manifest the archetype of the fascinator or lover).

3. Identification with the bioenergetic bodyc, with the sensations that the bioenergetic body offers us, with the states and attachment to them.

4. Identification with the mind, with reason, with the aspects that we consider mental - usually thoughts, intelligence. This level is a very dangerous level because a lot of people get into this illusion. This is because reason is a mental aspect, more refined and is at the fingertips of their will, so it is in the hands of the ego and they can control it.

Many have the false impression that reason is the last level, the most precious.

It is true that in the world many human beings do not even access reason, that is why we understand that in a first stage, many people find that reason is the supreme level, but it is only an instrument.

Because reason is regarded as the most advanced level, millennia of philosophy have failed to come to a solution to help man understand himself, for it is not possible to understand with reason that is above reason.

5. Identification with emotions and meanings.
This is for many the highest level. For many people this level appears illusory to them that it would be a total level.

6. Identification with the ego that is very dangerous.
It leads to individualism, pride and arrogance, closure, stagnation and fall.

It has the gigantic disadvantages that

- removes man from true knowledge

- and its true power

- producing a kind of blindness, and

- contains in it the seed of self-destruction.

7. Indirect knowledge--identification with the living soul--jivatma.

In this situation man knows the truth about something without finding out from somewhere but realizes this in a time he needs to intuit this truth.

8. Direct knowledge - identification with the immortal Self, and finally - omnipotent - atman. This is True Knowledge.

In this situation man knows the truth about something without finding out from somewhere and realizes this instantly and firmly.

We can classify Knowledge in the following way:

→ the Sutra level (text level), is the most widespread level in which people think that they can transform themselves only by finding out some theoretical things, using reason as a tool;

This theoretical level deludes many people that they master Knowledge, going to various theoretical courses or reading books.
In fact, they only approach knowledge, being far from mastering it.

→ the level of Transformation, this level makes a man see things totally differently sometimes even at 180 degrees and then transforming himself further to change again and again his perspective and understanding and so on.
Therefore, a man who has not transformed his conscience cannot understand, although he strives using the Sutra level.

→ the Abheda level — the Great Recognition — is the level of identity between the human being, the other beings (or the world) and God or the Infinite.

At the Abheda level we feel, that, in fact, transformation does not lead to realization.
Transformation only frees man from obstacles that did not allow him to feel what was constantly true:

perfection existed permanently in his Self, there was only a need to... recognize it.

In fact, transformation is very necessary so much to help us discover ourselves.
Or to remove the veil that prevents the knowledge of the Infinite that is in us.

All knowledge is within us.
At the best level we notice that we can know something without someone telling us or having found out some information from somewhere.

This paranormal and mysterious power is the fundamental essence of man.

He, the man, putting aside the veil that hinders the free vision, he can finally discover that everything is in him and that can be verified by direct experience.

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