Heart Path-Abheda Yoga methods can become a social equalizer - sometime we may need them to be able to be performing enough!

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How does the Path of the Heart succeed - Abheda Yoga provide spirituality and efficiency in the middle of life?

Abheda Yoga or yoga of identity at the fundamental level between man, the world and the Supreme Consciousness
it is based, in a very practical way, on three "pillars":
- the energetic "pillar", which refers to yoga practices aimed at harmonizing man, his elevation, amplifying the authentic human qualities - vitality and state of health, achieving power, personal charm, will and courage, the power to love and receive love, purity and intuition, intelligence and memory, wisdom and much more - through dynamization and harmonization the main centers of force, purification of nadhi or energy channels, awareness and activation of subtle bodies, as well as the awakening of the mysterious kundalini fundamental energy and its ascension on the column

- the "pillar" of consciousness, which includes practices that produce the awakening of the soul and the revelation of the Supreme Self Atman, through the conscious resorption in the spiritual Heart, the reference to the present moment in meditation, the reference to our true identity and to the Supreme Consciousness

- the "pillar" of spirituality lived in the middle of life, when both the energetic and the aspects of consciousness are intertwined and are actively lived, even in the concrete existence, realizing the process of which the wise men speak in which "the axe sharpens precisely because we cut wood", that is, we become more spiritual precisely because we live; these practices will greatly amplify the "efficiency" of individual integration into society, since the Abheda Yoga practitioner becomes very capable, authentic, alive and, even, fascinating - in any area of life in which he integrates.

From this last point of view we consider that the practices of the Way of the Heart - Abheda Yoga will be able, in the future, to be a sui-generis "social equalizer", as the computer is today, for example, in the sense that an acceptable social integration may no longer be achieved without someone not practicing them, since their absence will manifest itself as a handicap towards other fellow citizens.

In addition, modern man (as Mircea Eliade said) has a huge need to find the sacred and where else he needs the sacred than in the very substance of his life...!

YogLeo Radutz
Bucharest, 11.12.2011

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