I’m tired – I need a vacation ! Is it?

“I’m tired – I need a vacation!”
It’s a common statement and we’ve gotten used to it ever since we were at school and the holidays seemed like a welcome chance for relaxation.

Most people consider this a natural desire.

However, information from authentic traditions warns us that, in this way, we are on the wrong ground.

For example, we tell you the case of a driver who stopped the car after a few hours of walking and took a quarter of an hour break “to make the engine colder”.

Well, this break was pointless because the engine has enough cooling capabilities to go to a normal, continuous mode.

If it weren’t for that, it probably wouldn’t even take 10 minutes and he would overheat.

But if he operates in an abnormal regime, the cooling system does not cope.
Quickly, even very quickly – we need to turn it off so as not to raise the temperature very quickly.

Perspective on a man’s life that is composed of excruciating periods
– ordinary life, interrupted by delightful or recovering breaks or vacations is wrong.

We must live our lives as if every moment were natural and irreplaceable, as if everything we do has an accepted meaning.

An exceptional maxim can help us understand any situation:

“The fool also feels bad in Paradise, while the wise man can handle it even in hell”

The rhythm of life must be understood and timed so that we can “work” for as long as possible without breaks or vacations.

It may be that, as a result of our way of living, we constantly aspire to reach a break or vacation.
That means that the pace and quality of life are not good and that we do not really live life.
We live only the ends of the time intervals at which the holidays are found.

Of course, the reader who might be more or less annoyed may ask, “And what’s to be done?”

First of all, we have to aim to do in life what we really think is good to do.

However, if life leads us into unwanted situations and that, now, we do not consider “on our soul” we must not abandon.

Living life “wholeheartedly” is possible, wherever we are and whatever happens.

Each day is, in fact, a new stage of our becoming, a new octave of life .
Her events and trials are challenges to our spirit, in order to successfully pass them.

The pace of our effort must be adjusted so that we do not end up in a situation where we need holidays to recover.

The spiritual practice on the path of the Heart allows us to find the inner springs to live life harmoniously and continuously and not just at the ends of the stages that seem “ordinary”.

In conclusion, our message is: if your life is such that you need vacations – action must be taken.

If, however, it is lived in such a way that the aspiration for holidays does not occupy an important place, it does not mean that we should not have vacations.

Moreover, a wise man will know how to live and vacation in an intense, conscious and awake way, finding in the ineffable of each moment a flavor that is only different from the savor of the moment during life before the holiday.

We wish you success!


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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