Meditation of mental stability, Sthiti Dyana

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ABHEDA este o revoluție etică, morală și de suflet care poate schimba cu adevărat lumea... dacă începem întâi cu noi.” - Acharya Leonard

It's a meditation with a very simple explanation.

Its purpose is the state of peace, of mental vacuum that is characterized by

- mental inspiration,

- depth in psychic processes,

- amplification of the emotional and mental intelligence coefficient,

- better attention and inner stability.

How is it practiced?

In a meditation position or on the chair, with relatively straight torso.

Hands are positioned on the thighs or knees with the palms face down.

We begin the concentration, Dharana, with our eyes closed with attention in the middle of the chest, inside the body.

We relax the whole body perfectly, without moving at all.

It is strictly forbidden to move, even a little, to get results.

Throughout the meditation Sthiti Dyana, with our eyes closed we will aim to complete the concentration with attention in the middle of the chest and to perfect the perfect relaxation and motion of the body.

We will notice, after a while, the appearance of an inner state of living peace, deep calm and mental firmness.

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Acharya Leonard
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