Meditation of concentration on breathing

Meditația de concentrare asupra respirației
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Meditation of concentration on breathing

Its purpose is the state of peace, of mental vacuum

and better attention and inner stability.

It is very accessible and effects occur sometimes, even within seconds.

Meditation of concentration on breathing is done as follows:

We choose a meditation posture or we can opt to sit on a chair, with the torso relatively straight.

We can use a regular chair, or a special stool for meditation.

Hands are positioned on the thighs or knees with palms face down.

We begin the concentration, Dharana , with the attention to the breath, without consciously modifying it.

It will change, but we are not consciously intervening to impose a specific change on us.

We will notice, after a while, the appearance of a state of calm , detached attention and attention to the present moment.

“Mental focus (DHARANA)
perfectly performed spontaneously makes it possible to suspend breathing
due to the full focus of attention which, when it is FERM
FIXED generates lightning bolting and complex resonance phenomena with
different subtle, beneficial energies from the MACROCOSM.

To understand as much as possible
well what is in reality continuous mental concentration (DHARANA)
we can say that it can be considered (analogously speaking)
just like an excellent working condition of the memory in which
we can keep in mind as clearly as possible (with all the necessary details), and
for a long time everything I have seen or heard once.”


Leo Radutz

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