Nabhiasana – posture for inner fire and harmonious abdomen

Nabhiasana – the posture of the navel
is a simple posture, possible to be executed almost by anyone regardless of age and state of health, extremely intense as subtle and physical effects and which allows a rapid transformation of the practitioner.

Indications, effects and benefits of this process

Nabhiasana greatly amplifies and harmonizes the subtle fire by naturally stimulating our digestive capacity, willpower, courage, ability to act, protection from diseases.
Posture contributes to the reduction of enlarged, deformed abdomen and is a significant chance for any man or woman to obtain a special suppleness harmoniously.
This posture also constitutes a powerful natural tonic for the entire body.

Execution technique

The starting position is placed on the ground, with legs stretched forward, hands beside the body, facing face down. We inhale deeply entirely, gradually and firmly contract the abdominal belt together with the leg muscles to progressively raise the legs, so that they form an angle of about 30 to 45 degrees with the ground.
We then raise the head as much as possible, stretching the hands somewhat parallel in the direction of the ankles.
The abdominal belt will have to, in the case of this posture, be contracted very intensively.

The posture can be reduced by raising the legs to an angle of more than 30-45 degrees (the minimum intensity is achieved when the legs are vertical), and in time we will make efforts to achieve the posture correctly.

We aim to keep our breath mostly full, like swimmers.

Concentration and awareness during execution

According to the course initiation

Concentration and awareness immediately after execution

According to the course initiation

Possible mistakes and remedies

The head should be raised significantly, and the legs should not be glued.
We don’t just get up on our buttocks.
We aim for the legs to be positioned symmetrically in relation to the axis of the body and the soles are good to be relaxed.


Pregnant women are in great need of the effects of this posture, but it is good to achieve posture with caution in the last 3 months of pregnancy.
There are no other contraindications.

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