Virasana – the posture for increased willpower and courage

THE HERO’S POSTURE is one of the positions specially indicated to be practiced for as long as possible. It allows, if it is consistently performed, the amplification of special qualities (encountered, unfortunately, less and less often nowadays).

Indications, effects and benefits of this process

The posture harmoniously activates the force center of muladhara chakra vitality, awakening in being a state of heroism, courage, strength, firmness and domination over obstacles.

Men will enjoy at this posture the opportunity to amplify their virility and women will complete their personal charm and their way of feeling and being perceived with valences necessary in this world of efficiency and the necessity of determined and firm action (especially on the spiritual plane).

This posture acts primarily on the coxo-femoral joint and the extremity of the sciatic nerve, as well as on the genital glands. It is of great help in relieving neuralgia of the sciatic nerve.

Execution technique

We start with the execution on the left side – we flex the left leg – the right over the left. We carry out this variant for a few minutes and then move on to the alternating posture.
In the variant on the right side – we flex the right leg – the left over the right.

We lean gently with our fingers on the ground making the isosceles triangle.
We internalize ourselves and aim to have the right spine.
We relax all the muscles that do not participate in the execution of the posture: the paws of the legs, the calves, the thighs and the muscles of the face.

Concentration and awareness during execution

According to the course initiation

Concentration and awareness immediately after execution

According to the course initiation

Possible mistakes and remedies

We aim not to sit with our buttocks on the heel and keep, as much as possible, the spine straight.


There are no, except in situations where we have joint or muscular problems that prohibit physical requests at the level of certain areas.

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