OMKAR meditation with AUM or OM

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Leo Radutz
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2 minute

IN ABHEDA OMKAR meditation with breathing AUM OR MAN aims to:

- elevation of the inner state


- amplification of mental power

- transcending inferior temptations and passions,

-"burning karma" or improving the spiritual framework of existence.


It is done in a meditation position or on the chair, with the relatively straight torso.

Hands are positioned on the thighs or knees with the palms face down.

We close our eyes and internalize ourselves by seeking mental focus.

We begin the concentration, Dharana, with the main attention in the middle of the chest

and with secondary attention in the middle of the forehead (where the Ajna Chakra force center is projected)

or, in another variant, in the top of the head (where the Sahasrara force centre is projected),

imagining how every exhale the airflow would come out through that point,

finally energizing and opening completely and very intensely a mysterious symbolic lotus and that becomes so large that it encompasses, in our mentalization, the entire Universe.

Every exhale we say mentally or loudly "AUM" or "OM", with a longer and more melodious utterance, having the main attention as deep as possible in the middle of the chest, inside the physical body and secondary on the flow of air that we imagine coming out through the leaf mujlocus or, reseptiv, through the top of the head.

After each such utterance in the pause, we pay attention to the state of vacuum or mental peace that gradually sets in.

It is good that before starting meditation we massage that point energetically and we can even use volatile basil or mint oils in small quantities.

Leo Radutz

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