Much dreamed work – testimony

The job you dreamed of

What did I do the assumed spiritual practice for?

Help for my son, for getting a certain job

How many days did it take and how much time per day?

Answer: 14 days

Effects during or after the end of the assumed spiritual practice:

After 14 days, my son was hired where he wanted, obtaining 3 important positions in that company.
He was very surprised how they “called him so from the first with so many functions (he did not even have a day of experience in this field)
And it was announced that he had received the posts the day I finished my assumed spiritual practice.

Other important details

During my spiritual practice I always had the feeling of success, a lot of confidence and a special connection with God and with Ishwara to which I related.
Of course, throughout the tapas I also did Ananta.



Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution






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