Thanks, sorry, forgive me, I love you!


“The universe gave me divine nectar in camp. I felt in the meditation with angels a “rain” blessed by the fins. If I think about them a little bit I feel delicate vibrations all over my body… as if he caressed me… Some say that with the passage of time you no longer have results and you are capped and after a period this would reduce the spiritual aspiration … the camp proved to me once again that the aspiration is in me, that when I am in the Self no matter what viruses still capture my mind, the results continue to appear. She reminded me that daily practice and faith in the way, transformed me from the woman too serious, dignified but reserved and sometimes cold, lonely and depressed into a cheerful and happy child, that she helped me to be free, to be able to express my emotions without resentment, to be able to allow myself to courageously try what I want, to correct or say naturally THANK YOU, I’M SORRY, FORGIVE ME, I LOVE YOU!

You’ve all noticed at asanas that the very high energy sometimes passed harder to vishuda and we were making the cumbersome sounds… in kundalini meditation I felt how I was cleaning up a large part of the energetic “balls” that still obturated it… I felt a huge light engulfing my neck, which was expanding more and vibrations in the front of my neck were pulsating relentlessly and growing. On Manipura I felt an intense flame that was burning fiercely… after she passed by her, a state of freedom and courage engulfed me, I had the feeling that I really am, that I can do anything. When she arrived in Anahata, the kundalini goddess appeared to me, slender, swampy, full of light and grace. If in Manipura he burned and struggled fiercely with impurities, now, he floated in love with his arms stretched up to Vishuda, longing for purity. Then he reached the middle of the forehead, where a luminous tunnel opened that sometimes turned into a white-blue-silver mandala that glowed fascinatingly. When she arrived in Sahasrara, at the great meeting with her beloved Shiva, an infinite peace engulfed me. A glowing sphere radiated from Anahata and it was always growing until it engulfed me and I remained motionless… I felt my body stiff and motionless, but my soul, my mind, my consciousness were awake more than ever. Thank heaven for all the love, gifts and protection. I thank God for helping me stay with Him and that always saves me. I would love to find out what you have experienced, what you have learned in camp. Namaste



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