The difference between the androgyne and the nonbinary state

The difference between the androgyne and the nonbinary state

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Wikipedia says
“Non-binary, it is a spectrum of gender identities that are not exclusively male or female, but rather fall outside this binarity.”

That is, they are neither male nor female, but rather outside of this “binary”.

But the androgyne what is it?

Unexpectedly, but the androgynous or androgynous state has to do with each of us.
This is an ideal that we tend to consciously or unconsciously when we seek to understand the beloved being, to complete it or to support it. Or when we want to assimilate qualities that were specific, until then, to the beloved.

Androgyny is a glorious unification of the male and female state

that person can fully manifest one of the states and more and more to the plenary the other.

The androgynous being has the following characteristics:

  • fully and very strongly manifests its own male or female biological archetype
  • however it can manifest qualities specific to the opposite polar archetype, qualities that it has assimilated into its own being, becoming a complete being
  • power and independence
  • exceptional polarization capacity with beings of the opposite sex.

The androgynous being can look like a superwoman or a gorgeous man

shining with a mysterious power that reveals itself as a complete, harmonious and stable being.

While the so-called nonbinary beings…

manifests an ambiguity of male-female characteristics.
The androgyne is a complete, fascinating and powerful being, which strongly manifests its own biological archetype and can exceptionally polarize with beings of the opposite sex.

Androgyny is complete,

having full access to both male and female qualities.

In the Banquet, Plato presents an explanation for its love and formation

Here the reader learns the “myth of the androgyne”, narrated by a character of Plato.

“According to this legend, at first androgynous beings lived on earth. They looked like two people stuck back to back: two women, two men or a man and a woman. They held a lot of power, they could do almost everything they thought.
The gods feared the almost infinite power of the androgynous, and in order to no longer pose a possible threat, they separated them. Separated, however, the parties did nothing more. A complete lethargy reigned on earth. More and more were dying of sadness and longing.
The gods, seeing that they were running out of subjects, looked for a way to give the new people a reason to live. This is how they created Eros, with the aim of sowing love in the world. In this way people spent their lives looking for their half. The lucky ones who found themselves merged to form the being of yesteryear.”

Androgyne is a human state that seems, in yoga and tantra, the main direction of inner evolution…

from the perspective of male-female polarity.
That is, in its existence and in the dharma or its purpose, man includes as an objective (whether he knows or not knowing) to fully manifest his own archetype, masculine or feminine, and to gradually assimilate the opposite polar archetype.

So an androgynous man is a gorgeous man, with bright qualities and who, despite this obvious manifestation, can also manifest and understand the feminine appearance or polarity.
That man will feel complete and independent, manifesting a disturbing masculinity enhanced within himself by completing the balance with femininity.


The idea of a nonbinary person is more of an attenuation of these archetypes and not an assimilation of them

However, the idea – false, in our opinion – of the superiority of people who manifested both a weak femininity and a weak masculinity was increasingly propagated. This idea is, in fact, far from what the glorious androgyne means, because it can powerfully manifest both archetypes.

How can he manifest them powerfully and they do not “cancel” one another in their own being?

Due to the polarity and completeness.

If you are complete it means that you have both one and the other
and not that it would unite the plus with the minus by getting… zero.

Masculinity is, from the tantric point of view

  • “+” in the physical body | “” in the invisible or astral one | “+” in the causal body

and can more easily manifest the aspect of consciousness than that of energy,
more transcendence than immanence.

And femininity, from the tantric point of view

  • ” in the physical body | “ +” in the invisible or astral one | “” in the causal body

That means, as a man, that:

  • you can better cotrola the physical body
  • it goes harder with the control of sensations, pains and thoughts
  • it goes easily with the control of meanings, emotions.
  • it’s easier to detach yourself from an emotion or awakening, so as not to be affected.

As a woman

  • it is harder with the control of the physical body
  • but much better with the elbow of sensations, pain, sexual arousal, with the control of mind and thoughts
  • harder with the control of emotions and meanings.

So with femininity, the opposite is true.
And the glorious androgyne has it all.

Basically, a man with a very strong masculinity but without femininity is not complete

he will be excessive in his own and will feel complementary to a very feminine woman. It will be difficult for him to manifest certain human qualities that a woman can manifest more easily.

But as he advances in his dharma, if he understands and assumes it, he refines and intensifies his masculinity and at the same time assimilates feminine aspects as well.
These assimilated feminine aspects will NOT be distinguished by an ambiguity in his manifestation as a man, but by a completeness and force and sufficient.

Such a man who advances towards the state of androgyne tends to become a perfect lover of the woman and a perfect collaborator.

Likewise, a woman who advances towards the state of androgyne tends to…

she becomes a perfect lover who manifests an exceptional femininity, stronger than before, but now being strong as a man and complete. It thus becomes a wonderful gift for human beings of the opposite sex or for her collaborators.

In our opinion, the androgynous state is the natural objective of the spontaneous inner evolution of male or female human beings.

Leo Radutz

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