Bamalamukhi - the great divine power of fascination

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Bamalamukhi is the eighth great divine power of the ten Mahavidya.

It is a facet of the unique female divine being, which manifests certain characteristic aspects, aspects that we find in ourselves and we want to amplify. We report and work with it to make it easier for us to represent and amplify these qualities or attributes.

Its name is composed of "bagala" and "mukhi"

"Bagala" means "bridle", "brother" or "brother" and refers to its power to control and immobilize enemies, but also to stop or suddenly stop any movement and activity. Because of this quality, she is also known as Devi from Stambhana. In Sanskrit, stopping or paralyzing an action is called STAMBIHANA.
"Mukhi" means "chip" or "girl."
Therefore, Bagamukhi is represented as having control to master any situation or form of manifestation.

BAGALAMUKHI gives full control over all the types of actions we perform, as well as the power to stop any of them at will

Bagalamukhi has a terrible representation. She is depicted in a yellow dress with golden complexion, sitting on an all-gold throne in the middle of an ocean of nectar full of yellow lotus. A crescent moon adorns his head. She holds a club in her right hand with which she beats a demon while pulling out her tongue with her left hand.

It is represented in this way to express her ability to immobilize the enemy in silence, easily. This is its most important power, and the main reason why we can relate to it.

According to legend, when a huge storm broke out on the earth, which threatened to destroy the entire creation, all the gods gathered in the Saurashtra region and asked her to save them. Responding to the prayers of the gods, Bagalamukhi emerged from Haridra Sarovara and calmed the storm.

Other situations in which she can support us are:

to win court cases and achieve success in all kinds of competitions.

Another important aspect that Bagalamuki manifests is its power over the act of speech

We can relate to Bagalamuki when we want to be inspired in discussions, in debatesor in the case of arguments.

It can also manifest its paralyzing, immobilizing, hypnotic effect on those who listen to it fascinated.

From another perspective it helps us to havefull c ontrol on the gânsands and allow ourselves to speak only what is wise, not what would come from the ego.

This is represented by the fact that she pulls the demon's tongue, drawing attention to the fact that it is important the way we speak.

This control will also be useful to us as we meditate. It helps us to easily achieve deep meditations.

It helps us to be able to stand still in the acas, to have deep control of the mind, but also to the aspura of subtle breaths in pranayama techniques. We develop, over time, the ability to easily stop the flow of prana.

Help us to trance the state of ignorance

It helps us in our struggle with our own thoughts, ideas and emotions that have their source in the ego (i.e. in our false individuality) and gives us a certain form of understanding to transcend our state of ignorance.

It helps us eliminate any conflict and confusion that are obstacles in our spiritual evolution and gives us a great capacity for concentration, focus on will, the power to focus on an object or aspect. Eventually we get to keep our attention, first of all, to Self in everything we do.

Helps us know who we really are

Its ability to stop, to paralyze can give us the power to stop our day-to-day concerns and turn to transcendence, revealing our beatific vacuum. In this way we come to discover God and in the smallest moments of our existence, in the simplest things.
On the other hand, this capacity can be useful to us when we begin spiritual practice, when we aim to detachment from everyday concerns, to turn to oneself and to know our nature truth. It leads us to that place within us where there is peace, peace, unmovement.

Bamalamuki has the power to turn any aspect or action into its opposite

By doing so it can turn defeat into victory, weakness in power, ignorance in knowledge.

From this perspective it helps us to perceive in each of the situations we face the existence of pairs of opposite opposites, which, if we observe them, we can separate and withdraw into transcendence, where we can find resources to resolve any conflict.

Due to the trenchance she knows the two states or conditions to the contrary that appear in the manifestation and has the power to successfully transpose the manifested state. It has the wisdom that gives it the knowledge that over time everything transforms and ends up passing cyclically through the opposite state in which it is at the moment, but also to resorb itself in a vacuum, in non-manifestation.

Gives us total control over the existence and death

The yellow color in which it is represented signifies its radiant, luminous and deeply purifying nature, which can give us spiritual cuoura. Its radiant power can dissolve ignorance.

Helps us maintain our observer status

We are able to constantly observe our thoughts as an external witness, lucid and detached. In this way the mind becomes more stable and quieter. We no longer identify with the limited being, with the outside world, but with our real nature which is the supreme Atman Self immutable and ineffable.

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